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Jun 10, 2010 05:04 PM

Charlotte help this beer lover out!

We can get a lot of Asheville brews down here and I love that, and we recently got Red Oak down here thanks to Earthfare... but we're still missing out on one amazing North Carolina brewer: Greensboro's Natty Greene's. I emailed the brewer several months ago as to why we can't get bottles down here since you can get it at Harris Teeters in the Triad and further north like Sparta, NC.

The response: not enough interest in the Charlotte area. In fact, there was so little interest in Charlotte they said they abandoned their plans to build their second brewery here and move it to Raleigh! Why should Raleigh get all the fun?

Let's at least try to convince Harris Teeter to start stocking the shelves here in Charlotte with Natty Greene's-- you'd make this beer lover very, very happy.

Harris Teeter
, New Bern, NC 28560

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  1. Good luck trying to convince Harris Teeter to carry a specific beer. In Raleigh, at least, the distributors stock the shelves in the beer aisles and determine what goes where.

    If you want beer in Charlotte, there's only one man you need to see: Mike Brawley. Owner of Brawley's Beverages. He's a real nice guy. If a beer's available in the Charlotte metro area, Mike can get it. If he can't, he carries such a wide selection, I'm sure you'll find something you like.

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      Natty Greene is too small to be carried by a distributor. They do their own distribution, just like Red Oak, Olde Mecklenburg, etc. I don't think the OP is looking for an alternative.

      1. re: CharlotteChowhound

        Natty Greene's no longer self-distributes. I wouldn't be surprised if Charlotte is still in the mix -- either for distribution or for a third location someday.

        For now, it certainly can't hurt to make some noise in the Queen City for Natty Greene's! The beer is great and they're great people. Go North Carolina beer!

    2. Brewing for 30 years & have judged compitions. My IPA is better than 90% of what I can buy.

      Asheville has 8 microbreweries and a zillion beers so I will be brief in my reviews

      Highland brewery -

      The beer is consistent, with good balance, good aroma & a medium polish - Solid IPA, porters, stouts, pale & "Highland" ales - They have a nice free music thing on Fridays with beer "tasting" really drinking

      Wedge Brewery

      solid - good IPAs, porters & pale - more in the unfiltered craft vein - sold around town a lot on draft - they show movies on Saturday night at the brewery w/ lots of beer - good scene.

      Asheville Brewing company -

      I like most of their beers but less consistent product than Highland (sometimes a bit green) - esp like the Shiva IPA, Ninja Porter & Houdini pale - unfiltered & most have a good nose. They make good pizza & show $3 movies which you can enjoy with a huge pitcher of IPA - good times

      Green Man Brewing

      hit or miss when they are good they are very,very good - good IPA, pales & porters - sometimes the beer is green (no pun) this often happens in small breweries who can not afford to hold the beer to maturity. They also contract brew for local restaurants - like Laughing Seed.

      Lexington Avenue Brew Pub (LAB)

      Avoid - It's like the beer I was making when I was 18. Confused flavours, occasional contamination, bad balance, bad/no nose, green - nuf said.

      French Broad Brewery -

      Similar to the beer crafted by Asheville Brewing, Good IPA & ESBs - they also have free music on the weekends.

      These are the biggest players hope this helps