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Jun 10, 2010 04:54 PM

6/9/10 The Clam Box of Ipswich: NOW I Get It: Unquestionably the Best!

You know how you live 1/2 hour from the Washington Monument and you never go there after your first trip as a 10 yr. old?
Well, ditto with us and the Clam Box of Ipswich, except we had never been there at all. As a newbie to New England in the 1970's, I came to decide I loved fried clams but they hated me. What it really was was that they were always too greasy and fried in too-old oil with an improper coating. Woodman's is a perfect example of this. Given all the yrs of hype I had read about it, I tried it long ago and then I took my visiting mom there 4 yrs ago. After that fiasco at such a 'famous place', I swore I would never eat another fried clam. Well, all that is changed now.

I have found the one place that does these guys right. Imagine being able to truthfully say that "my fried clams were light and airy , greaseless and crunchy" and "with no off tastes". And THEN to be able to say the same thing about the ONION RINGS!!!!! Wow wow wow.
Sometimes, there is just ONE place to get the best of something. I and many thousands know that about Regina's in the North End, and now, I finally know that about the Clam Box of Ipswich. Many thanks to all the vigilant CH crawlers who helped get me there.

Clam Box of Ipswich
246 High St, Ipswich, MA 01938

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    1. Yup. It is #1. No QUESTION about it. You'd think the 'others' would figure it out but such a seemingly simple dish (clams, breading, fried) is so hard to pull off the way the CB does it.

      1. Totally agree - it's the only fried food I know of that doesn't make me feel sick. And the flavor and texture is really unbeatable.

          1. re: L2k

            Thought I'd mention another great spot for anyone who might be in the southern NH area: Clam King in Manchester, NH, just around the corner from the Macy's in Bedford, NH. Very casual, old fashioned diner type atmosphere with every kind of seafood available. Super fresh and the batter is just right. Voted best clams in New Hampshire for many years running. Take it from a clam snob, definitely worth the drive if you're anywhere nearby.

            1. re: amerikiwi

              Have they gotten better recently? I used to stop by for years on my way back from ski country, then I hit a spell of bad service and subpar food a couple of years ago and stopped going.

          2. I don't know about best, but it's my favorite of the North Shore clam shacks. Have not yet gotten there this summer, alas.


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              And remember ask for the big bellies if they have em. Also would sugest, eating outside where you can sneak a beerThe dining room is cramped and leaves a little to be desired.