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Jun 10, 2010 04:36 PM

NY'er needs food layover

I'll be travelling to a suburb of Philadelphia during a weekday, and since this is my very first time passing through, I was hoping to have a food adventure between my connections.

My tentative plans will be to ride the Boltbus or Megabus and then switch to Amtrak's 30th Street station. I would most likely want to do this in the evening when I return, but that means missing out on the Reading Market which I suspect would be this boards standard advice, right? I would only have about an hour in the morning, but in the evening I can devote 3 hours to enjoying the city. I'm a good New Yorker, with the walking skills, and I'll be burnt out on riding trains/buses, but I'll also be lugging some stuff.

Are there any other alternatives you all can suggest?

I'm looking for unique Philadelphia. Thanks!

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  1. Skip RTM this time, it's not going anywhere fast. The Bolt/MegaBus stops are around 30th st. so I'd recommend crossing the river and going to Village Whiskey for a drink and one of the best burgers on the East Coast, then chilling out around Rittenhouse Sq with frozen yoghurt from yogorino or stopping by Brown Betty's dessert boutique for amazing fudge and cute baked goods. Or if you want to people watch try grabbing an out door table at Parc.

    All those places are within a 15 minute walk of 30th st station and in a neighborhood full of other stores, and a lovely park, and a bunch of foodie friendly restaurants (someone's going to mention Fish), but if you only have three hours you should spend less of it sitting in a table waiting to catch the waiter's eye and more of it chilling out/catching the sights.

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      All that sounds really great. Thanks for the suggestions.

      Out of curiosity, how much time would I need to block out to get to Reading Market and back? I really loved the sound of the Amish place, and other regional food.

      1. re: sugartoof

        2 hours including travel between should be enough. In the morning, subway is probably faster than a cab from 30th St. Amish are only there Wed through Sat.

        1. re: barryg

          The Amish place is fine, but Shopsin's on Delancey is way better, I think,. If you do make it to RTM I'd recommend the rost pork sandwich with broccoli rabe at DiNic's

          1. re: AgentRed

            Shopsin's is a great New York luncheonette curiosity but I think was romanticizing the idea of Amish "localvore" (ugh, can't believe I typed that) foods... the cobblers, pretzels, whoopee pies, dutch pancakes. I'm not going to be there on days they open though.

            The Dinic's sandwich looks fantastic from pictures.

      2. re: AgentRed

        Does Brown Betty's really have fudge? RTM is great if you can swing it on a Wednesday through Friday. And don't forget Capogiro...

        1. re: bluehensfan

          D'oh! Good catch bluehensfan, I meant to say Betty's Fudge on Grays Ferry Ave (also, known as Betty's buttons and Betty's speakeasy). But right now they seem to be closed for renovations.

          The OP could try Brown Betty's, but after living in NYC they're probably sick of cupcakes by now.

      3. The RTM closes at 6 PM on weekdays, so yes, if you don't go there in the morning you will miss it. I like the Village Whiskey burger but it's not "unique Philadelphia" at all. Also, if you're lugging stuff around with you, it may not be the best choice, the space is tiny. It also gets very crowded very fast, so you may have to wait, though if you're alone that makes it easier to squeeze in at the bar (depending on how much stuff you're lugging around). If you're used to NYC, Village Whiskey is nothing you haven't seen before.

        What you don't have in NYC is a place like Zahav. If I were you I'd take the subway from 30th St. down to Old City and go there for dinner. Get the $36 prix fixe, it's all the food you could want. If you feel like walking around, get off the subway at 5th and Market, you'll be in the middle of Independence Hall, the Constitution Center, and Washington Square Park.

        1. I'm with Buckethead. The Village Whiskey is incredibly small. You're better off going to the other Garces restaurant next store, Tinto or Zahav, which is a pretty cool place.

          1. Megabus makes a stop around 8th and Market. If you want to go to the Reading Terminal that stop is much closer. You could walk or take a short cab ride.