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Maryland Blue Crab lump meat?

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I need to buy some blue crab lump meat for the DC top chef premier next week. Anyone know where I can buy it in LA? Santa Monica seafood does not carry it. Ideas?

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  1. I got pouches from whole foods recently.


    1. Have you checked with some of the downtown big seafood retail/wholesale businesses? LA Fish Company and International Marine Products spring to mind as possible sources.

      Los Angeles Fish Co
      420 Stanford Ave, Los Angeles, CA

      International Marine Products
      500 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA

      1. Surfas might have it, if not LA Fish.

        1. Thanks! I will give them a call and check it out! I must have crabcakes!

            1. Fish King in Glendale used to carry it a few years ago. Fresh, too. Better call to check. SM Seafood doesn't have it by the pound, but they do have individual crab cakes for sale at about $6 each. They have two kinds, one's Dungennes and the other is made with Maryland Blue Crab. Have to say they're pretty good and it tastes like they even put a little Old Bay in the recipe.