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Jun 10, 2010 02:37 PM

Hot Heads potholders--Now you can have a puppet show with your oven mitts!

Impulse buy yesterday at Marshall's. How can ya go wrong with a pink mouse to protect you from oven burns? I see there's a Pac-Man model, too. I'll just wait for that to be $4.99, too), though if I had my way, they'd have an alligator.

Fun, fun, fun in the kitchen. Check these out! My kinda site (perpetual kid dot com)!

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  1. Usually, I love dogs, but that dog does not look good. I prefer the Pac-Man in this case.

    1. Katty, the site has some very "fun" frig magnets as well...

      1. Yay! Might have to get that bear pot holder.

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        1. re: cuccubear

          I can think of no other who deserves it more, brother! :)