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Jun 10, 2010 02:36 PM

Two Big, Beautiful Porcini

Stopped by the farmer's market over lunch to get halibut for Significant Other's birthday dinner (I will marinade and top with a macadamia nut/garlic/panko crust). There, looking back at me, and begging to come home, were two large, beautiful, fragrant, fresh porcini mushrooms. Also on the menu tonight is orichiette with broccoli rabe, a garden fresh salad, crusty bread, and his favorite, pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream. What to do with these porcini? I want to maximize their loveliness....

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  1. PS also have picked-today asparagus.

    1. Porcini go well with pasta, especially gnocchi or any pasta really, and polenta, or risotto, which may or may not go so well with the halibut. Since you have pasta in mind, maybe use the broccoli rabe for a side dish, or save for another meal, as you have very nice asparagus to eat. Saute the bite sized sliced porcini in good flavored olive oil and minced garlic until lightly browned, add a splash of heavy cream, a little fresh thyme and toss the pasta with the porcinis, salt and black pepper, fresh chopped parsley and some fresh grated parmesan; the simpler the better, to showcase the great porcini flavor.

      The asparagus is easy: trim and saute gently in a little clarified butter until al dente, season with whole butter, salt and black pepper and lemon zest.

      You can also season, drizzle woth olive oil and roast your asparagus spears, to serve under the fish for a nice presentation.

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        I like bwg''s idea for the pasta and mushrooms. Sometimes, I add a little marsala wine when sauteing, and reduce it down before adding the cream. Just a different flavor before adding the sauce to the pasta. But then again, mushrooms and ANYTHING should go well together. :-)

      2. Wow! Lucky you! Maybe grilled and topped with olive oil and parsley? I have had them that way in Italy and they are wonderful.

        1. The Porcini sound like they are too good to mess with. In keeping with your Asian sounding halibut. Slice lightly grill or saute dress with a bit of soy, lemon and shaved scallion sort of robata style.

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            OK, benefiting greatly from your advice, this is how it went down - went ahead with the broccoli rabe orichiette pasta, since it's birthday boy's fave. Marinaded the halibut Mediterraneanly with olive oil, fresh garlic, cumin, fresh lime juice, a little white worchestershire and jalapeno tabasco, and dried thyme. Topped with nut/panko mix and drizzled with butter before baking at high convecting heat 'til perfect. Blanched then roasted asparagus, nestled up to fish. Whipped up risotto cakes as a base for the porcini, which were sliced and gently sauteed in good olive oil flavored with sliced garlic. Grated some Manchego over the asparagus, porcini, and pasta for good measure. Much joy was had, thanks for the great suggestions (and there more porcini in our immediate future!)

          2. I love the simple combination of asparagus and mushrooms. Slice up the porcini and saute w/asparagus lengths in butter or olive oil, salt, and pepper, maybe some chopped garlic.