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Jun 10, 2010 02:25 PM

Looking for Crisp, Dry LI Rose Wine

does anyone reccomend a Good Crisp Dry Rose wine for the summer season?

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  1. Wolffer Estate rose, widely available (for LI wine), terrific and about $17.

    1. Corey Creek is a perrenial favorite.
      If you want an even dryer, more robust style, find Shinn Estates.

      1. And I forgot the obvious: Croteaux Vineyards which only makes roses (in multiple styles).

        On the South Fork, I love Channing Daughters rose's and buy at least a case of it a year - - - their all Cab Franc rose is my favorite of the bunch. (The also make an all-Merlot rose and an all-Cab rose).

        1. I absolutely loooove Crios. It's a Malbec Rose and it is exactly what I look for in a Rose....good, crisp, and dry. It's one of my favorite summer wines.

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            I second Croteaux....the wine I tried was very good...much better than usual for a NF rose.