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Jun 10, 2010 01:58 PM

Birthday suggestions needed.Daughter turning 21 june21.looking for somewhere really fun,happy hour so as not to break the bank &toast her and her 30 friends before dinner

Help! Want this to be really special but we are struggling right now so it can't be over the top. She is picky so will want somewhere fun,trendy.DOntown maybe Chelsea or meatpacking but open to ideas. Are Happy Hours still around in NYC?

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  1. Happy is alive and well but a lot less frequent on weekend days which is what day I'm guessing you're to celebrate or am I wrong?

    Where's dinner?

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      WE are thinking about doing it on MOnday (6/21)night her actual bday so that we don't break teh bank,however she would like Saturday night. My pref is really nice dinner somewhre Saturday nght with just her & us and maybe a couple friends and then Monday night the gang for a drink at a cool bar with happy hour.

    2. Your request is pretty broad, so get started here:

      Choose the day of the week & the neighborhood, and then you can search Chowhound for posts about the bars you find.

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          Monday June 21 for 20-30 drinks and light bites.Something fun and not too pricey/$20-30 head

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            The reason I gave you the link was so you could go to that site yourself and narrow things down a bit. The specs you lay out in your OP could apply to literally hundreds of bars. On a Monday, you shouldn't have trouble finding enough floor space for all her friends, and $20-30/head is not unreasonable for 2-3 drinks and a snack per person. But a bar that's happening on a Thursday may be dead on a Monday. And since you know your daughter, you're in a better position to decide what she thinks is "fun." Gossip Girl fun? College frat party fun? Dive-y fun? Speakeasy fun?

            I was recently here - - and it was cheek by jowl with loud young people. And I've been to the midtown branch of this - - the Meatpacking branch might be a good choice.

            Again, the more information YOU provide, the better advice you'll get.

        2. though i haven't been in years, back when i lived in the east village, i loved the mojitos at paladar, and it seems they still have a happy hour (1/2 off drinks before 7 pm):

          1. Had a great happy hour birthday at ONO in the meat packing district. Very cool place, outdoors, was not packed until 8PM. You can get a large tabe area with bottle service if you like.

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              Ono has closed and is now the space where Tanuki Tavern is located.


              Tanuki Tavern
              18 9th Ave, New York, NY 10014

            2. Many thanks to all of you who responded adn did so with patience adn understanding that NY is not my territory. WE had my daughter's 21st irthday party at Frying Pan Bar below CHelsea Piers and it was perfect. WE ordered many tubs f Corona on ice 6/$35 which was what they wanted most on a very ot evening. You sit on a pier or on the boat itslef which was a former tug boat that sunk after misuse about 10 years ago. The food was great including fajitas, sandwiches adn the wait staff was great. Gorgeous views of trhe Hudson

              The Frying Pan
              12th Ave and W 26th St, New York, NY 10001