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Jun 10, 2010 01:54 PM

Dok Bua or S&I thai?

So I always order from Dok Bua and am generally pretty happy with it. I have been hearing some good things about S&I Thai on Brighton Ave. How do they compare? What is good there? I am nervous about switching up my usual thai delivery!

S&I To Go
168A Brighton Ave, Allston, MA 02134

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  1. I've done S&I once and was very impressed. I think it's spicier and fresher than Dok Bua. While I like Dok Bua , I LOVE S&I. It's also less expensive (not that DB is pricey). Things I liked are the pork or squid with chili sauce and pad kee mao.

    1. I think Dok Bua is terrific, and would be my choice (hands down) between the two, but why not give something else a try from time to time? =)

      1. Don't be nervous! It's not like you're taking a chance buying a Chrysler this time around, or something.

        S&I is absolutely worth exploration. Go there and speak to the lovely lady who runs it, tell her you want the real stuff, and tell her waht kinds of flavors/ingredients you like. She'll offer up some good suggestions. S&I is a great opportunity to try some VERY special food that's hard to find at Bob's Thai Shack.

        Also, the baked goods are fit for a king.*

        *Made by the former baker to the Thai royal family, which is plausible, since the King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej has a rather strong connection to Boston. In fact, he was born at Mt. Auburn hospital.

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          What sorts of baked goods do they carry? Not sure I've ever seen a Thai restaurant or grocery store with baked goods before...

        2. Yeah, make sure you order stuff of the Thai menu. They have some authentic flavors that even Dok Bua doesn't have...Nam Prig Ka Pi, the closest Thai comes to Cambodian Prahok Ktis; a hot blended mix of fermented shrimp paste that you dip veggies, fried fish and omelet pieces into..I had some great Jungle Curry, as well.

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            i love them both, but i generally get my takeout from S & I and my "sit down" at Dok Bua. I would say S & I is more intriguing, can get it hotter, and listen when you say you want it "thai" style - Dok Bua is very good but a little sweeter and a little more americanized. we're lucky to have them both in the neighborhood.

              1. re: galleygirl

                So I tried S&I and it was pretty good. I didn't actually go there so I wasn't able to really talk to anyone to tell them my preferences. I thought it was less greasy that other thai places but I would have liked it to be more spicy. I also had a hard time finding something with a lot of veggies. Any suggestions for next time?

                1. re: lkmuller

                  I think the lightest Thai dish you can find, with lots of veggies, is Jungle Curry, more of a soup, with fish, seafood and lots of greens. No coconut milk in this one. Just ask for it Ped, ped, or Thai hot...Also, any of their Yums, or salads, are very light. I love the seafood one...