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Jun 10, 2010 01:30 PM

La Khaima: Step into the Nomadic Tent

La Khaima, is a colorful Mauritanian (West African) restaurant in the mile end neighborhood with an authentic ambiance, that makes you feel like you took a journey to the Sahara. The chef and owner Atigh, will charm you from the moment you sit down to eat. Dishes are made fresh everyday and usually include a soup and some spreads to be eaten with pita. When I was there last, we had a beet salad that was delicious, and labneh drizzled with olive oil and spices. The main entree is usually a vegetarian or meat based tagine/stew that is served over a bed of couscous..I had a peanut butter maffe which was so amazing, that I tried to iimitate it at home! The added bonus is that it is a BYOW restaurant, so you can drink and relax on the pillows and feel like royalty while you wait for your mal. At the end of your meal, enjoy an authentic Bedouin experience that includes a tea ceremony at the end of your meal! If you're llucky Atigh will tell you one of his famous stories (he comes from a rich storytelling culture)

Address: 142 Fairmount Ave W, Montreal, QC
Tel: 1 514 948-9993

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  1. I was there on a Saturday night, the food was OK but the place was so crowded it was unpleasant. I do not recommend this restaurant for a relaxing experience.

    1. Is it better than Les Delices de Iles Maurices?

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        Just pointing out that Mauritania and Mauritius are two different places :)

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          Oh man! It took me a year to see this and realize the mistake I made. Hah pretty dumb! I've been looking for a restaurant like this. Hope it's not closed yet

      2. i went there in February, not in my doing. I dont really remember my meal much, so must have been pretty average. i do remember the soup being pretty good. what do i remember, was not feeling terribly comfortable. i felt like the restaurant was a little unkept...