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Jun 10, 2010 01:01 PM

What do I do with 2 cups of homemade mayo . . . [moved from General Chowhounding board]

I made a batch of homemade mayo, not realizing my partner already did the same. Now we have 2 cups of homemade mayo and I'm wondering how we can use it up before it goes bad, since there is only one person in the house that actually eats mayo (and that person is not me). But I hate to waste anything, even stuff I don't like. So I'm looking for suggestions! Thanks!

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    1. Buttermilk/ranch dressing
      Make a white bbq sauce (a la Big Bob Gibson)
      There are recipes for mayonnaise cakes (the egg and oil in cakes are met by using mayo)

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Experiment ala novelist Tom Robbins (, who mixed mayo w/ gin to create a drink he labeled the "Gin Greasy".

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            Only the inimitable Tom Robbins would come up with a drink like that.

            I'd stick with the mayo cake.

          2. make mayonnaise chocolate cake. sounds gross but so delicious. here's a good recipe on serious eats...


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              Brilliant! That's exactly the type of thing I was looking for!