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Jun 10, 2010 12:45 PM

Sherbrooke and du Parc / de Bleury

Hello Montreal! I'm in town on the weekdays for the next couple of months on business and living near the intersection of Sherbrooke and du Parc / de Bleury. After combing the boards, I'm coming to the realization that there's not too much good grub around. Hoping to see if anyone has recommendations for the following:

- take out for dinner, any cuisine, less than $20pp with tax
- place that has a good selection of cheese and open after 8pm on a weekday
- place that has good pastries and bread and open before 7am or after 8pm
- place that has good lattes - I know that Caffè Art Java is nearby. Does anyone know if it's open at 6:30am?

Ideally, recs won't be more than a 7 minute walk away. I know my parameters will make things difficult but I welcome any suggestions!

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  1. There are tons of places for take out nearby....there is Alto's for anything on Parc, Basha for lebanese on university and sherbrooke, Amelios for pizza on milton, Lola Rosa for vegetarian on milton, and a million places if you walk up st laurent towards pine such as Buns for a burger

    Near pine and st laurent (which is a 7 min walk about) there is la librarie espagnole they have tons of cheeses and meats and bread and are open late I believe
    Pastries and bread is hard considering your hours but La patisserie belge next to chez gauthier (which isnt a take out place but Im sureif you asked they would do it for you) on Parc is open until 8 on thurs and friday... I just remembered that Juliet et Chocolat opened anew locationon st laurentannd prince arthur youcan buy pastries there late for sure

    Also there is a provigo on that intersection which is open late and a metro grocery store on parcand prince arthur open till midight every night

    201 Rue Milton, Montreal, QC H2X1V5, CA

    Lola Rosa Cafe
    545 Rue Milton, Montreal, QC H2X1W5, CA

    1. Pullman bar à vin is right there with wines by the glass and some food.
      Also inside La Cité complex there is La Fruiterie du Parc, a very good resource for produce, cheeses, sandwiches etc...and they are open every day long hours.

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        Pullmans is good but unless you just want a glass of wine for dinner it will be far more than 20 dollars. It also wouldnt allow you to take out.
        Inside La cite the store you are thinking of is Eden which is indeed a great mostly organic grocery store..I love their egg salad sandwiches or onion rolls....Fruiterie du Parc is just down the street from it (closer to sherbrooke)

        1. re: kpaxonite

          I'll keep Pullman in mind for the nights where we have time for more leisurely team dinners.

          Eden and La Fruiterie du Parc sound like good resources to supplement my Provigo runs!

      2. The Japanese restaurant formerly known as Osaka (I can't remember the new name) is very good! It's on Bleury just south of Sherbrooke on the east side. They'll do take out.

        Don't go to the Greek restaurant on the northwest corner...not very good.

        The beer and sausage combo at Benelux is a good option.

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        1. re: foodinspace

          Thanks for the tip about the Greek restaurant and Benelux!

          I grabbed take-out from the Japanese place on Thursday night. Not sure what their new name is either (my receipt says Osaka). I ordered an udon dish that came to $11 with taxes and was really underwhelmed. Basic soup noodles with one piece of shrimp tempura, a few pieces of nappa cabbage, one small shitake mushroom and some green onion. The broth was tasty. Any suggestions for what I should order in the future?

        2. I suggest Bistro Isakaya for japanese food on avenue du Parc between Sherbrooke and Milton. They do take out.

          Bistro Isakaya
          3469 Av Du Parc, Montreal, QC H2X2H6, CA

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            The sushi place that you are referring to is called Furusato. I'd recommend you order some of the sushi, never tried the udon dish but the sushi that I had was very fresh and price was reasonable for the quality that I got.

            Also, I would recommend that you go to Marche Lobo on Parc and just above Milton. A much better place to get your groceries compared to Metro or even Eden, both of which I find very expensive. Lobo is a smaller place but the vegetables and fruits are very, very reasonable.

            There is another cheese speciality place on St. Laurent called La Vieille Europe. Great place to buy cheese, meats, sandwiches, nuts, etc. It's got a ton of speciality items. While your in the area, I would recommend checking out Schwartz for their smoked meat sandwiches. If you just walk north on St. Laurent, like others have mentioned, you'll find a ton of restaurants and variety.

            Hope that helps.

          2. I live nearby but I only eat at two restaurants on Parc. Furusato (the japanese you went to) is a weekly visit so maybe you can join me and try the stuff I eat. The other place is Alto's which is a typical grease spoon that has "canadian" food (but no fried rice!).

            On St-Laurent I like Euro Deli for the pasta and calzones.

            My other weekly visit is Kazu Izakaya but it's closer to Guy metro.

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              I agree Marche Lobo has good deals on vegetables, fruits but i dont think they have extended hours but certainly better prices than supermarkets. It is a little hard to find the door so here is address 3509 du Parc. I have had moussaka at greek restaurant a couple of times and found it good value for 15$, I am sure they would agree to take out. Chez cora is handy for breakfast (serve breakfast til 3pm but also have lunch menu)and if you go before 8am they have special deals for breakfast. Takeout bbq chicken or parts of chicken are available in Metro grocery store and also st hubert in same plaza (there are specials wed at st hubert-chefs choice at 5+$ and can order steamed veggies for 75c. I recently had their chicken salad as a meal and found it filling, nutritious--can be take out.. healthy food choices instead of always restaurant food. Metro in fish section has variety of cooked fish which can be reasonable sometimes salmon, tiipia, cod, trout, sole etc and near cash they have a variety of salads in plastic containers varying in price according to weight. Patisserie belge has some cheeses, makes baguette sandwiches on the spot your choice of ingredients, has quiches or slices of quiche for sale but do not have extended hours-their salads are expensive. Amelios 201 Milton, around corner of Patisserie belge is popular italian restaurant in area but I have never eaten there.

              201 Rue Milton, Montreal, QC H2X1V5, CA