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Jun 10, 2010 12:32 PM

Need a list of cheap/good eats for downtown, Montreal from July 1-4th (and possibly list of things to do =D )

Will be staying at a hotel on Sherbrooke St. W near Station Guy-Concordia for the July 1-4 weekend. Since I haven't been to MTL for 10 years (when I was a child and knew nothing), I'm looking for any quick recommendations, i.e. best poutinerie, best club, or a top-10 list of things to see/do/eat. We'll be using metro day passes (can't believe it's $14 for 3 days) so anywhere subway-accessible would be great. The only caveat is everything must be cheap (but enjoyable) to affordable :). Thanks, much appreciated!

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  1. A good place to start would be with this thread:

    Guy-Concordia metro station is the "new China town", so you'll find a lot of good & cheap options.

    1. Hey,

      That's a short timeframe to do a lot of things but your coming at the perfect time. Instead of taking the metro, I would recommend trying out the bixi bikes to bike around the city and be better able to explore the city while enjoying the weather (whereas you'll be underground all the time using the metro). Depends on how far you want to travel but biking is easily managed. It's $5/per day but it is valid for 24 hrs - you need a credit card though.

      Anyways, here's a few quick recommendations food wise:

      1) Best poutine - La Banquise

      2) Smoked meat - Schwartz

      3) As your in the Guy Concordia, there are several good Asian places to eat. I'd suggest
      i) Kazu - new but serves very good quality Japanese food (that is not sushi) if you want to try something different. Prices are very reasonable.
      ii) Tokyo Sushi - if you want all you can eat sushi, I'd recommend this place over Kanda or Odaki or any of the others. They had really fresh and pretty good quality sushi when I went.
      iii) Qing Hua Dumplings - delicious dumplings
      iv) Cuisine Szechuan

      4) If you want burgers, there are several options.

      i) Buns
      ii) M: Brger - more expensive
      iii) Le Gourmet Burger
      iv) Pick's
      v) La Paryse (near St. Denis area)

      5) Definitely go to the Mile End area to check out:

      i) St. Viateur's - get a dozen sesame bagels, open 24/7
      ii) Fairmount - also very good for bagels. Always a debate between which is the better between Montreal locals
      iii) Jean Talon Market - it is a huge outdoor and indoor farmer's market where you can get fresh herbs, plants, vegetables and fruit for great prices

      6) For great fries and bbq chicken, best place to go is Romados. Ridiculously cheap but make sure you call an hour ahead so that you can line up in the line that called ahead of time (otherwise you have to wait in line like normal ppl). If you get there early enough, you might not have to wait as long. If so, make sure you try a few natas.

      7) Obviously, go to Chinatown for some chinese, hot pot or pho. Also, dim sum I'd recommend Kam Fung but there are a few others. Check out a few bakeries for some chinese buns or egg tarts (called dun tate) - they look like yellow custards.

      8) Make sure to check out Just for Laughs festival and the Montreal Jazz Festival as these will be happening while your in town.

      Obviously, this list doesn't say everything but hope that this is a good starting point for you. Also, all these recommendations are per your requests for cheap meals - Montreal also has great restaurants that are in the middle to high range but being a student myself, I kept the list towards the lower range. Enjoy your trip!

      1. You're actually in a good spot for good cheap food. Other alternatives are the pubs. Some pubs have good food like McKibbins on Bishops .Beer's not the cheapest though, avg irish pub price. St-Denis st is another great area to go for good cheap food. Mont-Royal (get off at mont-royal st and turn left or right. I recommend right)
        In those areas, it's almost hard to go wrong.
        If it's nice and you want a terrasse for a pint, try St-Elizabeth's pub but if that's full (most likely) then head to St-Sulpice.

        1. Amazing Chinese food at Golden Stone - 1439 St. Mathieu St., very near to where you're staying, and if you haven't tried soup dumplings, check out Qing Hua Dumplings (1676 Lincoln St.), also nearby.

          Another Montreal institution near where you'll be is Boustan (2020 Crescent St.) - have a shish taouk sandwich, or ask for "the creation" (not on the menu, I don't think).

          If you like pad thai, there is a fantastic one in the Faubourg Ste-Catherine, at Bangkok Express.

          Enjoy Montreal!

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          1. re: nochainsplease

            The creation has been on the menu (at least the delivery one) for a couple years now.... its great after a few drinks ... often there are line ups at boustan when the crescent street area pubs start to close

            1. re: nochainsplease

              I had a bit of the pork sandwich from Maison du Nord this week (saved for me by Mr Snowpea from his over generous lunch) and it was worth it. So Maison du Nord (which is close to Golden Stone) is also a great destination.

              And Mr Snowpea was having lunch with another 'Hounder from this board who was raving about Kazu. Kazu's been getting lots of thumbs up here.

              1. re: TheSnowpea

                I would take in the free entertainment at the montreal jazz festival enjoying the outdoor concerts and the streetperformers all over the site (the trapeze/ribbon acrobats were amazing) and snack on food on site such as crepes, shrimp sandwich at louisana booth or even better have a ringside table at the new bistro t in the festival site on jeanne mance, meals under 20$ and the entertainment is free. Or you could take in the shows and then head south to chinatown to eat at restaurant bejing or VIP restaurant. On saturday evening you can head to old montreal to see the fireworks at la ronde for free.