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Jun 10, 2010 12:25 PM

Dinner for 2 in a Restaurant Wine Cellar?

Hi there - over the years, I've seen tables for two set up INSIDE a restaurant wine cellar. Very romantic! I can't remember where I have seen this and I'm wondering if anyone has any good suggestions in Boston? I'd love to make a reservation and see about arranging a wine tasting. Thanks so much!

The Wine Cellar
30 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, MA 02115

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  1. the only place that i would go to drink wine in boston is troquet though i have never tried to sit in their cellar.

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      Saraceno in the north end does that (but if I recall- and it has been years) there are a couple tables down there.

      Saraceno Restaurant
      286 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113

    2. Not Boston, but Gracie's in Providence has a table in its wine cellar . . . good food, too!


      1. moo. i've eaten in the wine cellar there several times.

        1. Are you specifically looking for Boston proper? At least in the past you could reserve the table in the wine cellar at La Campania in Waltham. That would be a nice location for a couple. Legal Park Square's wine cellar is usually for corporate dining, although they also hold events there, not for the romantic dinner but a couple could dine there as part of an event.

          La Campania
          504 Main St, Waltham, MA 02452

          Park Square Cafe
          31 Saint James Ave Ste L15, Boston, MA 02116