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Jun 10, 2010 11:45 AM

Menu6 in Cleveland?

Anyone been? Planning to try it within the next couple of weeks, but it would be great to hear opinions from some local 'hounds.

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  1. Well, if you haven't been to Menu6, it's too late, at least for the wonderful incarnation when Michael Herschman was executive chef. We discovered it in the summer and have been 8-10 times for Michael's wonderful Eurasian fusion cuisine. Sadly, last night we arrived to hear that there was a new menu, which we later discovered meant a new chef, apparently starting that day, with no word of Michael's departure. The food was very disappointing, with soggy and acrid calamari. cold scallops and risotto devoid of flavor, and truly strange lamb chops. Even accounting for first night floundering, it was a very poor showing, with the waitstaff looking quite shellshocked. We won't be back. Does anyone out there in chow land know the inside story on this? A blowup between owners and exec chef?

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      Have not heard that Michael is no longer associated with the restaurant. From all indications it appeared that a had found a place that he coud do his thing, cook, and that is something he does so well.
      A very talented chef that just can't seem to stay in a place for a very long time,what a shame.