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Jun 10, 2010 10:53 AM

Best Brunch in Arlington area?

I am looking for the best brunch options in the Arlington / Falls Church area. I've been to Whitlows, and had the breakfast buffet with the alaskan crab legs etc which was great.

Looking to try some other places that do it right. Thanks!

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    1. Have been to brunch twice at Eventide (Sundays only), and was very pleased both times. Although I found their grits to be WAY to rich for my palette, the price and the quality of the food is great. Had the pork belly potato hash with poached eggs as well and that was delicious. Both dining companions I went with got the fried chicken and biscuits in maple sausage gravy, and that has been delicious (esp. if you like the whole "chicken with waffles/biscuits and sweet sauce/syrup" concept).

      The prices are around $9 to $15ish. Drinks and desserts are extra, of course, but their gelato is not to be missed ($8 for three scoops/3 flavors).

      1. I absolutely LOVE brunch (ok, and dinner too) at Carlyle in Shirlington. The Steak and Eggs Benedict is out of this world and they give you the most delicious muffins, donut holes, banana bread etc while you wait.

        Steak and Egg
        4700 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

        1. To add to the list although the above are my top two (Tallula, Eventide) I also think Liberty, Harry's Tap Room and Cassat's have pretty good brunch. As well as, Luna Cafe and Grill in Shirlington, not fancy, but pretty good.

          1. The ones already mentioned are all solid. I'd also throw in Eleventh Street Lounge, it's kind of a surprising brunch place, but the savory mushroom waffle is awesome.

            Eleventh Street
            1041 N Highland St, Arlington, VA 22201