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Jun 10, 2010 10:11 AM

Oil dispenser/container

When I buy large containers of cooking oil I need a smaller container to pour it into to keep on the counter while cooking. I used to have one of these narrow olive oil type bottles like this:

However, these things are impossible to clean and eventually it got all gunked up so I threw it out.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good, easy to clean, oil dispenser? This one looks promising:

Would be nice to find this at a brick and mortar store so I could inspect the quality before buying. I'm pretty sure they used to carry this at Linens and Things (unfortunately they closed all their B&M stores).

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  1. Clean? Are you talking about cleaning inside the dispenser or outside? I have never cleaned the interior. Is that necessary? I don't notice it get gunked up.

    In term of general oil dispensers, you can find them in any store like Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Crate and Barrel. I have seen thost stainless steel oil can in HomeGoods and TJ Maxx. I know the Container Store carries them as well:

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      I was talking about on the inside. I guess technically you don't need to clean the inside but it just seems kind of gross to me to not do it. The inside never really got gunked up, it was really the pouring spout that did. The spout itself was never that easy to clean either since it is so small and you can't get inside the tubes to clean.

      Thanks for the link, there is a container store here in San Diego so I guess I can always pick one up from there if I decide to go with that one.

    2. There was a thread the other day about cleaning oo bottles. The winning combo seemed to be Dawn deterg + vinegar to help cut the grease. I have used the same oo bottle with a wine pourer on a cork for years & have cleaned it successfully using this method.

      BTW, several years ago I bought one of those oo sprayers & threw it away. The sprayer sucked & the outside stayed oily & greasy no matter what...gross!

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      1. re: fauchon

        I've tried just detergent before but never detergent + vinegar. I'll have to give that a try, because with just detergent by itself I was never able to really clean all the oil off from inside the bottle.

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          Plastic squeeze bottles with a locking top. about 99 cents each. I use them for everything, and always have a couple filled with olive or vegetable oil handy when I'm coooking.

      2. I’ve been using dark green wine bottles with pour spouts for years without any trouble, you can get a bottle brush made for cleaning wine bottles at any brewing supply. Drink the wine, wash the bottle, refill and clean as needed.

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        1. re: Master

          Ditto. Works perfectly and replaceable for free!

        2. I've had this very dispenser for about ten years, and am very happy with it. The spout is removable for easy cleaning, though I've never cleaned the inside. When it is empty, I swirl a bit of fresh oil around and discard it, then refill. Never had a problem with rancidity.

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          1. re: phofiend

            I've had mine like this one for about 15 yrs. ( I think mine came from Marshall's.) I do put mine thru the dishwasher periodically. The plastic insert/spout pops right out for cleaning, but fits snugly in use. I wouldn't part with mine for anything. I've never had a problem with rancid oil, either.

          2. Restaurant supply store...clear plastic squeeze bottles with large-mouth tops. Less than $1 each, easy to clean, and economical to replace. At that price, you can have an entire arsenal of liquids at your disposal.