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Jun 10, 2010 10:07 AM

Service for Kitchen Aid Mixer

Don't know if this is the forum but does anyone have a recommendation for this? KA gave me the name of a place in Salem but I'm wondering if there are others in the area?

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  1. I went to the place in Salem. Long drive and a lot of money to fix a stuck paddle attachment. But he fixed it.

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    1. re: Mayflour

      I also went to the place in Salem, also a long drive, also a lot of money to fix a fried circuit board. He did fix it, although it didn't seem to run quite as well afterward...which doesn't make sense for just replacing a circuit board. But it works well enough.

      1. re: erwocky

        Can I ask, what was a lot of money? I need to take mine in too, and I'd like to be prepared.

        1. re: ReluctantOperaChick

          My motor burned out; it cost $147 to replace in Feb '09. The motors fry when you use the wrong speed for kneading dough; it's just a matter of time.

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            I want to say mine was $80 or $100. I'd guess $30 of that was the part, from what T Clark says below. This was ca. 2008.

      2. You might call Atlantic Appliance on Washington St. in Quincy. They either can fix or tell you who might help. They're great guys, and very helpfull.

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          if you go on the kitchenaid website they will give you service options. I believe it is in Salem. ive called them but like mayflour said long drive. never seem to get my mixer up there

          1. re: skasi

            Thanks everyone. I'm going to continue researching, especially after the lukewarm reviews of the Salem place.

            1. re: tweetie

              You are not going to do any better than Salem. He's it.

        2. The guy in Salem is the only authorized one in the area north of Boston, and that's why he can charge what he charges. He fixed mine. Authorized Kitchenaid repair shops are deliberately spaced to assure this kind of situation, it seems.

          But remember, people, to follow your manual directions on speeds for mixing heavy doughs. The solid state motors blow if you don't. I actually used my Sharpie to mark my dough-mixing speed so I don't repeat my mistake.

          1. Understood you may not be interested in what follows but for those who have had small problems like me it's worth taking the cover off and looking under the hood (five screws total).

            These machines are extremely easy to repair. We've broken a few in our house over the past 20yrs (chocolate chip cookie dough!!!) so I decided to fix it myself after our last breakdown. I have in the past sent the unit back to KA but believe me, even when they're done with it, it will NEVER be exactly the same. That said my last repair job done by myself has lasted over two years. Even if you are not handy anyone you know that can loosen a few screws can repair most KA mixer problems.

            3 most common problems:

            1) stripped gear(s) (hear a grinding? making bread?) $9.00ea.+ s&h
            2) fried control panel (motor not running) $30.00 + s&h
            3) New motor $100.00 + s&h
            4) Arm won't lift bowl (K5 or K6) $3.19 +s&h

            Lots of info on web, including videos of worm gear replacement.

            Goodmans and The MendingSshed are great sources for parts and info.



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            1. re: T.Clark

              I can't find this control panel on either website. Could it be listed under another part name?
              I thought I had blown my motor, but if I can repair myself, I have tools!

              1. re: smtucker

                The two I listed are the 6qt and 5 qt stand mixers. The other possibility is the smaller Ultra 4.5 qt which has a hinged top portion and that bowl screws into it's base.


                this page lists all four possibilities broken into 3 parts electrical, body, gears:

                FWIW I like better, both shipping costs suck but it's still cheaper than the alternative. If this thread gets moved I'll try to follow with help if I can.