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Jun 10, 2010 09:31 AM

Need help finding a couple of ingredients in the Triangle

Preferably Chapel Hill/Durham where I live/work but venture over to Cary/Raleigh on occasion.

1) Tippo or '00' flour for making pasta and pizza crust.
2) Shiro dashi-- I'd like to try the shasimi recipe on chowhound that calls for this ingredient. The oriental markets in the Triangle are Chinese or Korean and tend to carry few Japanese items.

TIA for your help.

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  1. For the flour, I'd call a Southern Season. They might have it. This place: might be worth a call too.

    For the Shiro Dashi, I'd call this place: Toyo Shokuhin & Gift Shop 748 E Chatham St Ste L Cary, NC 27511-6928 (919) 319-1620 I've not found them particularly personable (or price reasonable) when going in, but they do have a great selection of Japanese products.

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      Shiro dashi does sound interesting. While my wife has been there a few times, I've only been to Toyo Shokuhin once. I really enjoyed the experience. In fact, just being in that part of Cary makes me happy. There are so many great stores and restaurants there...always a new nook to explore. Each time my wife or I have been in Toyo, we've walked out with at least one free gift with our order. Usually, it's a large can of Sapporo. When I went, they gave me a package of freshly made sushi and a package of red bean dumplings. They smile, I smile. It's all good.

    2. I've gotten the 00 flour at Southern Season - every so often, Capri Flavors in Morrisville has it...but call first.

      1. I've also gotten it at SS and *think* I've seen it at Weaver Street (Carrboro).

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          gosh they sell the frozen homemade pizza dough at Weaver St that they use at Panzanella if you are interested.

          101 E Weaver St, Carrboro, NC 27510

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            Help! Oriental Market is closed and I need a source for the beloved giant bottle of

            Kecap Manis...... !

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              Asia Market next to Guglhupf.

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                Have you tried the Silver Wok on 15/501, right after Elliot Rd.? I've always had good luck with them. You might even try Southern Season, although I've found that their asian section is seriously lacking.

          2. I can't confirm for sure that they have it, but the best Asian grocery in NC is in Cary, Grand Asia, near the DVM and Northern Tool on Buck Jones Rd. They carry Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese...They also have a great hot food counter. Good luck.

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            1. re: spitfire.girl

              I have to check out all these places, thanks so much. I need a new local now that Oriental Market is gone.

              I've been dying to shop at Grand Asia, it looks fabulous & my friend today told me they carry the ABC Kecap Manis.