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Jun 10, 2010 06:27 AM


Traveling to Vancouver next week. Any ideas on kosher food there? thanks...

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  1. I was there at the begining of the year and went to Sabra - an Israeli grill the Shwarma was very good and Omnitsky Kosher Deli - standard deli but very good nice sized sandwiches -

    For other places check out

    1. Any other thoughts on Vancouver restaurants? Will be there later this summer. I've already checked Shamash, but I generally find Chowhounders more helpful. And certainly more current . . . some of the reviews on Shamash go back 10 years!

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        I asked a friend who now lives in NY, but frequently goes back to Vancouver to visit family. Her comments:

        a) Garden City Bakery, in Richmond, has bread and baked goods. They are at 604-244-7888
        In Vancouver:
        a) Omnitskys - deli and prepared foods (chicken, salads), plus some groceries. 604-321-1818
        b) Nava cafe in the JCC - this is a great, casual dairy place. Soup, wraps, sushi. 604-676-7579
        c) Sabra Kosher - Israeli joint. At 23rd and Oak, don't have the phone number handy
        d) NEW OPTION!!! Maple Grill, GREAT meat place - really, really good and doesn't "feel kosher!" (604)568-4885

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          Thanks for the info; looks like I'll be celebrating my birthday at Maple Grill!