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Jun 10, 2010 06:11 AM

Sure-Gel or Clear-Jel

Are these products the same thing? Just different brands? Recipe calls for Clear-Jel
but I can't find it in my area. Can I use Sure-Gel?

Thanks for a fast reply, if possible.

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  1. I've never seen Clear Jel in a store. I order it from King Arthur Flour. Clear Jel does not have to be cooked to thicken juices; I use it to make refrigerator jelly from mashed up fruit and sweetener. I remember Sure-Jell as needing boiling water to work, making me think that it's more like gelatin.

      1. This may help:

        or, it may just confuse you further. I only have personal experience with Sure-Jel and ChG is right that it needs to be added to boiling liquid to do its thing.

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          Thanks for the ochef link - I wasn't familiar with the site! Some of the book reviews have an interesting form for rating which I really like.

        2. Up here in Louisiana, canning is a summer pastime . Been using Sure Gel for years and they also have Sure Gel for low or no sugar. I sell a lot of my stuff and many of my customers are repeats that order ahead. I also sell to a couple of local fruit and produce markets so I stay pretty busy .Sure Gel works for me.

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            Im canning some corn relish it calls for 2 tbsp of clear jel I cant find the shit any where. Can I use sure jell

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              I make a corn relish, from Helen Witty's book Fancy Pantry, that uses neither. Can't find it on the Web, but I'd be happy to paraphrase if you'd like.

          2. follow the directions on the package of whatever you're buying -- don't criss-cross brand-specific pectins.