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Jun 10, 2010 05:05 AM

Israeli Hummus....what is the secret? [moved from Kosher board]

Just got back from Jerusalem and have to ask.....what is the "secret" to the hummus we had there? It was so much creamier and lighter then what I've made and had at restaurants. Can someone tell me how to make hummus that is closer to what they serve in Jerusalem? It was soooo great.

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  1. from what I've heard is in Israel they use fresh chickpeas, here it's either canned or the dried chickpeas that have been soaked

    1. For extremely creamy and light hummus, the secret is in the tehina. You've got to add fresh tehini to hummus for maximum awesomeness.

      Step one: make some tehini. Take one cup of raw tehini and slowly stir in up to two cups of ice water, until you've achieved the desired consistancy. It should coat the back of a spoon but most of it should run off.

      If you make this in a blender, use ice cubes, not water. Do not let the tehini overheat or you'll be left with a nasty lumpy mess.

      When you have your desired consistancy, add a little lemon juice to taste. You can add a little cumin to taste too, but do not go overboard and overpower the tehini.

      Once you've got your tehini, throw a can of rinsed chickpeas in a blender a little at a time, pulse it a little, and then add about a quarter of the volume of that can of tehini to the blender (I pour the tehini right into the can to measure), and blend it the rest of the way.

      You can season with lemon juice, olive oil, and maybe a little sea salt to taste (I think that canned chickpeas and tehina is salty enough but taste it yourself and then decide). Garnish with paprika and parsley, and serve with fresh pita or any crusty bread you may have. Keep for over a week in the fridge.

      Sure, it's far better with fresh chickpeas, but this way takes about 20 minutes, cleanup included, and nets you both tehini and hummus.

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        You've really educated me....I have never seen fresh chick peas or raw tehini!

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          Be forewarned, then- once you taste fresh tahini, it's very difficult to go back to the stuff made out of watery spackle you usually see in stores.

          And here's a blog post that disagrees with me on when to add the lemon juice:

          The Humus Blog wants you to add the lemon juice to the tehini when it's still a little thick, although I think that will give you a tehini that is too lemony. Still, I think all our lives are a little more enriched for knowing that there is a blog devoted to humus.

        2. re: The Cameraman

          Ok so you have about 3 cups of tehini ie 1 cup of raw tehini and 2 cups of water. You then combine 1 can chickpeas plus 1/4 can of tehini/water. Doesnt that leave a lot of tehini leftover or am I missing something?

          1. re: gsquaredb

            Yes, it does. I usually like to serve tehini and hummus at the same time. Sorry if I was unclear. For hummus only, use a 1/8 cup raw tehini and 1/4 cup of water to one can of chickpeas.