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Jun 9, 2010 09:55 PM

Good Fresh Produce in Mira Mesa?

Hi folks,

I am specifically hoping to hear from people who have ideas on where to find good fresh produce (heck, just good, fresh food!) in the Mira Mesa area.

I found this great old thread:

But it is a little out of date.

I have been living in Mira Mesa for a couple of years, and I LOVE the Tuesday farmer's market - good produce, also tons of local prepared & bakery items. However, I have a hard time making it there on a regular basis (ends at 7). When I do go, I have to hold back on the bundt cakes, breads, and butters to actually buy the fruit and veggies! Haha!

My problem with the area is that the only grocery stores seem to have really commercial produce that has no flavor and never ripens. For example, Vons on Mira Mesa Blvd, the newly opened Fresh and Easy on Mira Mesa Blvd (which sells mostly processed produce, like pre-chopped, etc), Trader Joes over by I-15 (which is okay, but limited produce selection and sometimes flavorless like Vons). Then there is the unmentionable, waxy stuff at Smart and Final.

I used to have the Be Wise Ranch CSA, which had the Mira Mesa pick up really close to my house, but it was actually TOO MUCH produce (and too much of the same thing, especially for my husband), so I cancelled it. Even if I wanted back on they have a waiting list now!

I'm so sad because I would love a Henry's in the hood, but the nearest one is in Poway, and I just never really head out that way... Same goes for the legendary North Park Produce - not quite close enough to be realistic for my shopping needs.

I do most of my produce shopping after work at the AMAZING fruit stand in front of Trader Joes on Villa La Jolla, over by UCSD. (The fruit stand guys also have a location across the street from Costco on Morena). I highly recommend these two fruit stands. They sell tons of produce from Vista, a lot of it is pesticide free, and it's ALWAYS FRESH AND RIPE! In fact, you can't even stock up with these guys because it's all so ripe! Just had the first batch of sweet, delicious strawberries, and the ones I bought at TJs the same day were still bland and flavorless. Still, it's a little less convenient that somewhere right by my house.

So, does anyone know of a secret health food shop in Mira Mesa?
Has anyone heard of Coy's Produce or B&B Produce? They are both near Mira Mesa Blvd & Camino Sta Fe, but I suspect they are distributors. Does anyone know if they deal with the public?

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  1. I just was at the Bombay Bazaar today in the Little India center and was really impressed by their fresh produce and rare vegetables. They have seemed to have stepped it up a notch since the closing of Ker,

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      Thanks, Kare Raisu! I went there today. I bought some fresh lychees and also bitter melon. I had to ask a shopper how to cook the bitter melon, but she gave me some good tips and convinced me of it's amazing health properties - anti-carcinogenic, anti-nematode (I assume anti-parasites here), anti-inflammatory... but she said it's an acquired taste and that I might be cursing her when I eat it :)

      1. re: alegramarcel

        Bitter Melon *may* be off-putting at first, but once you really get into it I am sure you will really enjoy its distinct flavor. Perhaps the first thing to try with it are deep-fried "chips" made with very thin cross-slices.

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          Cool! I'm happy I could help you! Good luck with your veggies!

      2. Might also try Lucky Seafood on corner of Mira Mesa and Black Mountain Road. Their produce always looks pretty good, though the variety of lime they sell tends to be juiceless...

        Lucky Seafood
        9326 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA