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Jun 9, 2010 07:15 PM

Sunnyside Farmers Market 2010 - Calgary

I decided this year I would go by the Sunnyside Farmer's Market every Wednesday. I'm driving right by there anyway! It's only 2 weeks in, and seems a little sparse but still good stuff

So far, I've been loving the little thai curry kits from Thai Manna (good eats for a busy/&/or lazy person person like me!).I've enjoyed some really nice baked goods. Jenn Chick Cookies stand out as super delicious but a little too rich for me $5 for 6 MINI size cookies.

Has anyone else been or have any recommendations of vendors at this market?

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  1. Where is this market Tsaw, always looking for new farmers markets !

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    1. re: beekeroc

      the market is held at the sunnyside/hillhurst community center (outside on the north side of the'll see the setup)...NE corner of 5 th avenue and 14 street NW.

    2. Website

      TSAW - They list Route 40 Soup Company as a vendor - just wondering if you saw them there?

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        I ran in quickly yesterday just before closing in the rain and definitely saw Route 40 there. I got a great apple cinnamon pound cake from Watermill Bakery ($6). Need to definitely go back when I have more time and the weather's nicer...

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          yep they were there. I bought corn/chicken chorizo/yam soup which was very good. Just add milk! $13 for 4 large portions.

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            Thanks alau2 and TSAW.
            I wish I had known and ventured out in the rain.
            Today (and yesterday) would have been a good soup day.

            I will have to hit them up next week.

            1. re: cancowboy

              Why,. oh why don't they combine this market with the flea market on the weekends? I think it would be a big hit, but I know that there is probably no space. For a lot of us the weekends are our only chance to go. Thanks Tsaw and Katidyd!

              1. re: beekeroc

                Space and the fact that at least some of the vendors are at other markets on weekends. for example I've seen the German baker Sylvan/Red Deer fri/sat/sun

        2. Ravenwood Ranch, authentic Berkshire Pork and excellent natural beef. Pork is reasonably priced and with incredible marbling, it's like the real pork you had 30 years ago!

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          1. re: slingshotz

            I got the pork jerky from them. it was interesting but not terribly noteworthy