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Jun 9, 2010 06:40 PM

Recommendations for Group Dinner in Cape May

Hi all,
My friends and I (ten total) are spending a bachelorette weekend in Cape May. We want to have a group dinner on Saturday night and are looking for a fun location with a lively atmosphere, maybe where we can sit outside. It would be great if there is a decent bar attached where we can hang out later, but it's not necessary. Price info for each recommendation would be much appreciated, since I am having a great deal of trouble finding menus online for the restaurants in the area. Thank you!!

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  1. I'd ask the question to chef/TV host Michael Colamecco on his Facebook page, he's lived there and owned a restaurant.

      1. My recommendation would be the Blue Pig which is a restaurant at Congress Hall hotel.
        They have outdoor seating and the bar at Congress Hall is very nice for cocktails. They have a bar downstairs too called the Boiler Room - definitely not upscale though! More for late night - usually live music.

        1. Ohhhh...I forgot about Lucky Bones. It's a good spot with excellent food if you're looking for somewhere more casual for the group to go. It gets pretty crowded though and I don't believe they take reservations. No outdoor seating. I would guess ~$10-$15/ per entree