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Jun 9, 2010 05:45 PM

Paris in August

My wife and I will be traveling to Paris in the middle of August. We would like to do a french fine dining experience but our budget is around 100 euro per person before wine and we realize that a lot of places may be closed. We were considering Frenchie as an option but don't know if it will be open. We also would like to hit up a Morocca/ North African place possibly for lunch.

We will be seeing the major sights, possibly Versailles, and are staying in the 7th arrondissement, recommendations around this area would also be appreciated.

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  1. Wow! You could cart wheel from the 7th to at least 25 top places with that budget!! I don't know which might be open in August, so you might "Search this board" for "7th" and dig into the treasure awaiting you, chose some great places, and call for reservations. Let those closed eliminate themselves. Try the same for "6th," "15th" and "2nd."

    I wish I was going then, too! Have fun!

    1. As I noted on another thread, A Nous Paris and Figaroscope just published lists of places with terraces, many open all August, and in 'Scope's traditional end of the year one June 30th they should have even more open all summer so you can better see what your options are,

      1. Fine dining in August? I should think the hotel dining rooms would be open, and that would include Le Cinq.... That's the place I intend to try this coming fall. Their lunch special sounds way too good, and too good a deal, to miss.

        1. To: All ships at sea.
          From: Recon1
          Question: Is August a culinary wasteland.
          Answer: No.
          Method: I called three places for their info and all were in full form.
          Conclusion: As of today, folks have crept back to avoid this weekend's Bison Futé and one can eat (as if we couldn't before).

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          1. re: John Talbott

            Come on, the first three weeks of August have been pretty quiet. Of course you CAN find food. But almost all favs are closed. Some haven't even reopened yet, and I can't wait to go back.

            1. re: souphie

              But my fran, as you know I don't just eat at the favs.
              One more reason to go beyond the madding crowd.

          2. To add to the August possibilities.
            Several reports on the new (Japanese) chef at the Fines Gueules prompted me to return today and big signs in the window said "Open 7/7, all July and August".
            The meal BTW was as it was before; great product, friendly service (altho' I think I've been outed since I went with the Star of Stage, Screen & Radio) and fine cooking. And for Anglophobes, all locals, save maybe one couple.