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Jun 9, 2010 05:05 PM

Sunset Park Chinese grocery

I'm looking to stock up the pantry with some of the necessities for Chinese cooking -- items like rice wine, dried black mushrooms, fermented black beans, hot bean paste, etc. Is there a good large Chinese grocery in the Sunset Park area that would have them?

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  1. Hong kong supermarket on 8th ave bw 60th and 61st has been my go to since moving to brooklyn, but on a recent trip i investigated an even bigger place just a bit further down 8th across the bridge over the subway tracks (both are very near the 8th ave N stop).

    Hong kong super has a very thorough selection of dried goods and spices, not exclusively chinese (if youre looking for other asian items they carry a pretty wide selection) a pretty sizable butcher counter where they are quite obviously doing their butchering on site (hell they're doing it right there on the tables in the middle of the store) and a very impressive selection of greens and some other fresh veg (there is an unaffiliated(?) produce vendor who sets up right at the entrance with some really good prices on decent looking produce - its something of a mixed bag- but you have to pay for that separately from your bill at the supermarket.

    the bigger place down the avenue takes up the better part of a block, is as gigantic on the inside as out but wasn't nearly as appealing to me in terms of atmosphere/shopping experience. epilepsy inducing flourescent lighting and a feel more akin to a run down costco were enough to keep me going to hk super unless they dont have something i need.

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    1. re: tex.s.toast

      Thanks so much, Tex; that's exactly the sort of info I was looking for. Hong Kong Supermarket sounds like a great grocery, and having a butcher and fresh produce right on site only adds to the experience. I can't wait to check it out! Thanks again.

      Hong Kong Supermarket
      6013 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

      1. re: motl

        The bigger place further south on 8th Ave is called Fei Long Supermarket. I actually think the selection is excellent there (a lot more extensive than Hong Kong Supermarket's), and the produce items (and the ground pork I get from the butcher counter) have always been very fresh. But it's true that the place can be pretty insane, especially at peak hours on weekends. A friend of mine refers to it as "the crazy place." The aisles are really narrow and the whole layout is just packed, so when it gets busy, it sometimes feels like you're trying to shop on a rush hour 4-5 train. I can understand the Costco comparison. It's not quite as bad, but sometimes there's that same feeling of "which of these checkout lines is the least horrendous?" You could find the staples you're looking for at either place. There are a few items, like really fresh Sichuan peppercorns and some particular sauces, that I go specifically to Fei Long for. It's just bigger and has more stuff than Hong Kong Supermarket.

        Another place you might check out is Great Wall Supermarket, on Fort Hamilton Pkwy a little south of 65th St (a little beyond Sunset Park). They have a pretty good selection of pantry items and produce as well, though I've steered clear of their open freezer aisle since I was investigating "frozen" dumplings one day, and the temperature and squishiness of the dumplings gave me pause. (That was a few years ago; I can't say whether or not it was an isolated occurrence.) This place can also be insane depending on when you go. I went once the weekend before Chinese New Year and felt lucky to get out alive.

        Hong Kong Supermarket
        6013 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

        Great Wall Supermarket
        6722 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11219

        1. re: hhhippo

          Does Sunset Park have better/worse produce than Manhattan's Chinatown, or is it roughly the same quality? I'm about to move to the 4av/9St stop in Park Slope, which puts me about equidistant from both Chinatowns. In Manhattan, I normally go to the HK Supermarket on Elizabeth/Hester for dried goods, and get my meats and fresh seafood from the Bayard Meat Market (德昌). Is there an equivalent of Bayard Meat Market in Sunset Park, or am I better off staying in Manhattan's Chinatown?

          1. re: Noodle fanatic

            NF, I encourage you to explore the neighborhoods! It's hard to tell you or anyone else what's better. It depends on your tastes. 8th avenue (and the greater Sunset Park neighborhood) is a great mix of Chinese, Vietnamese, Latin ethnicities. If you walk further into the neighborhood there are also giant fruit/vegetable markets on Fort Hamilton Parkway (60th and 65th streets). Walk a little more on 60th and 12 avenue you'll find one of THE Italian grocers (Coluccio's). Take this opportunity (and the great weather) to find out what you like.

        2. re: motl

          An added plus to the HK Supermarket is that it's a couple of blocks from the 8th Ave stop for the N train. The place is huge - you should be able to find anything you need thee.

          1. re: Bob Martinez

            I have shopped for years at the HK supermarket - it has very diversified stuff including a fair amount of SE asian ingredients, but it doesnt smell great and its produce is subpar. Also since I travel by car, parking around there is terrible. These days I go more often to Great Wall, right across the Park from 3 Guys, where there is plenty of (meter) parking and which has nice produce. Both have meat and fish, but I cant opine on this.

            Fei Long has a lot of stuff and good produce but it is a horrible madhouse to shop. Maybe midweek.

            1. re: jen kalb

              I went to Great Wall last week and was horrified to see the marshalls loading carts with seized oversized lobsters- the smaller ones were over 11lbs. If they are as brazen as to sell illegal seafood, what else are they doing.... BTW- the lobsters and the rest of the confiscated haul was donated to missions...