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Jun 9, 2010 04:40 PM

Crave in Glastonbury

New Italian "Bistro" advertising their grand opening in Glastonbury. They're located next to Highland Park Market. Any feedback Chowhounds?

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  1. This is still the same owner/management as Buckingham Pizza, just a new name. The food can be decent (although we recently ordered a broccoli pizza and got just broccoli stems, no heads, on it) and it's convenient for takeout if you live on this side of town, but it's way overpriced and they recently stopped giving a side salad with their pasta entrees--you now have to pay extra.

    1. As noted, same old-same old. Italian in name only. I've never been a fan of Italian restaurants run by Greeks. No offense from a nationalistic standpoint. I just have never liked their spin on pizza and pasta. It's like they serve heavily Greek influenced food (nothing wrong with that) but try to pass it off as Italian, which it is not.

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        A point about salads and bread...

        until a few years berg lettuce and generic dinner roles were expected on a table...and to a certain extent brerad is still part of that mix...

        On the other hand...the current economic situation has pushed many reatauranteurs to start charging for these items...and I agree 100%...especially if the products are good...people expect them to be.

        Honestly...if you measure satisfation by the amount of food rather than the quality and source... the choices you have are quietly succumbing to the demands of the public...who know more about food than ever,...especially in Glastonbury...I guarantee that the prices at Crave are still going to look good once Bricco's opens...and I consider Bricco's prices to be very reasonable for what they serve...much better than the other bigger Italian/Seafood and now Burger chain all opver Hartford...

      2. Tried Crave last night. Apparently the ownership change is nothing more than the parents bequeathing the restaurant to their children. Decor is OK, looks as though they're utilizing artwork from Bed Bath and Beyond. Service was very responsive, although to be expected with only a few other parties in the restaurant.. My first impression with any "Italian" (yes FoodieJim, there is a difference, not a bad thing always, but different) restaurant begins with the pizza- it is the measure that determines whether or not there will be a second visit.

        Pizza was satisfying in that the thick crust was perfectly crunchy and chewy at the same time, sauce was balanced and toppings were fresh and bountiful. I do not agree that restaurants should be charging for bread (salad I understand). Speaking of the salad- large portions of fresh vegetables and could be very satisfying as a meal itself- brought more than half of it home. Yes, this restaurant is very convenient for those of us living on the "east-side" and should do well for informal nights out and take-out.