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Is there a bigger and better patio bar than The Madison?

Hey all, it's my buddies birthday this Saturday and he wants to limo it into the city like we did last year. We went to "Madison Avenue Pub" and it was pretty wild, packed with people and had like 4 different patio's.

Is there anywhere with a BIGGER and nicer patio than that in Toronto? Doesn't really matter location, we'll be getting a ride to where ever. But a young crowd is probably what we're looking for, it's his 26th birthday. Lots of people and a huge patio is the criteria.. And preferably multiple floors, those are always alot of fun

Thanks in advance! I'm not that familiar with where is worthwhile in the city

Good food is a definite bonus


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  1. Bigger? Probably not. That place is like falling up the rabbit-hole. :) Better? Well...that's subjective to say the least. If you're fans of the Maddy, you could always try Pauper's (Bloor and Bathurst-ish), which is owned by the same folks and marginally more grown-up (and I do mean marginally) with a couple of floors to explore, and a piano bar. Victory Cafe has a patio that is smaller, but street-level, and a MUCH better beer list. Alternatively, the Black Bull on Queen has a good bustle that I think you and your buddy would enjoy, but not-very-exciting beer. Rhino has good beer and great prices, decent-sized patio, but again not huge. Lots of space indoors, though.

    Um...I generally don't eat at any of these places unless I have to, so you're on your own there. ;) Beerbistro might fit the bill if you want tasty food, good beer, but the patio is small, older crowd, and quieter than you probably want. Might not be a bad way to start before settling in somewhere else for the night, though.

    Black Bull
    298 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

    1. Some timely ideas here...but I'm not sure I would say any of them has great food...or is bigger than the Maddy.


      1. Cool thanks alot for the responses! yeah if it was up to me, I'd pick Duggan's because I always hear good things about it.. or Mill Street Brewpub for the same reason.. but it's like 15 people and we did the Madison last year so they were looking for something even bigger I guess haha.. I am going to google your suggestions and visit the link

        I am a huge fan of the imports and love places with a good beer selection.. Just has to be somewhere that's cool with backwards ball caps and shorts and sandals! (mostly because thats what I plan on wearing ;))


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          the Brazen Head in liberty village has multi level patios and...beer
          i'm not a fan of the food

        2. Few patios match the Maddy. However, Hemingways and Remy's in Yorkville have huge patios that are usually hopping with a young crowd (single floor). And then there is the new Jack Astor's patio at Yonge/ Dundas square that looks over the square. Frankly, my fave is the Drake rooftop lounge. Great food and very fun.

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            We would get on great! My fave is also the Drake! Hemingways and Remy's are both pretty decent as well - but nothing matches the sheer size and debaucherous vibe of the Maddy!

          2. The Flight Deck at the Pilot Tavern on Cumberland is a nice open space. No smarmy Yorkvillains either.

            Pilot Tavern
            22 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M4W1J5, CA

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              Oh yes! And their club sandwiches are fantastic. Why do I always forget about the Pilot??

            2. If you enjoy recycled beer - go to the Maddy.

              If you do not, pick a different spot!

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                I hear the Peel Pub is a good choice!

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                  lmao, yes I have heard it all before, and am well informed about Peel Pub downtown Montreal. If you're worried about recycled beer, drink bottles ;)

                  The patio there is massive, we had a good time on it last year, I realise it's not the best place for quality but it's like one massive party. Last year the jagermeister squad girls were there and we got all kinds of free stuff too, I stole some gigantic jager flag off one of the walls before I left, its massive.. good times

                  Not really "stole" they were giving them out and I just helped myself to the Madisons, but still

                  I guess we were looking for a similar environment, multi-floor patios packed with people having a good time.. I guess nothing is bigger than the Madison though (not surprised, the place was huge from what I remember)

                  I remember seeing pictures online someone posted of a patio bar somewhere in the GTA where it was designed to look exactly like someones backyard deck, only massive and filled with muskoka chairs. Where the hell was that, I wonder

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                    The Loons pub on Roncie's has muskoka chairs but only a few and the patio's not massive.

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                      I meant the Peel Pub here, which closed down a few years ago. Then it was a Philthy's and that closed down too. Don't know if it's anything now.

                      Good times.

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                        That's funny, because Peel Pub on Rue Peel downtown Montreal also has a famous reputation for serving recycled beer

                  2. I don't think any of the other places mentioned will compete with the Madison in terms of pure patio size or the type of party atmosphere you're looking for. You won't find people hammering back shots proffered by scantily clad promo girls at the Beer Bistro, for example, which is more of a 30-something suit crowd drinking $10+ imported beers. Great if you're a beer connoisseur but it's a quality-not-quantity vibe that doesn't really gel with what you're looking for.

                    BTW, there was a Peel Pub on King West in Toronto, but it became Filthy McNasty's a couple years ago then closed down recently. Now it's just a vacant building with filthy mcnasty looking windows.

                    1. Ultra

                      Ultra Supper Club
                      314 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON M5V 2A2, CA

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                        Ultra is definitely big and posh. But it makes me miss The Bamboo that much more.

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                          I don't think Ultra is going to fit the profile that duckdown is looking for. They would indeed look askance at someone in a backwards baseball cap, shorts and sandals there. And the drinks ain't cheap.

                          1. re: TorontoJo

                            I'm not actually sure they'd let in someone with a cap, shorts, and sandals. Ultra is indeed, fancy-pants.

                            1. re: jlunar

                              They won't, this I know for sure.

                        2. I haven't been but I heard the Oasis rooftop bar at Wayne Gretzky's is supposed to be really great.

                          Wayne Gretzky's Restaurant
                          99 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON M5V9G9, CA

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                            That sounds neat! Never been there before

                            Thanks for the response!

                            1. re: duckdown

                              Yeah Gretzky's my secret go-to spot on a beautiful day. Giant patio with a waterfall, nice couches to sit on - pretty much the best casual patio downtown. The wings are tasty too. I've taken jaded friends there and the Oasis won them over in the end.

                          2. "dressing up for drinks" is laugh out loud ridiculous, to me.. Only interested in places where you can dress for patio weather and not be looked at oddly.. There's a million places to have drinks in the city, if they want to turn away a party of 20 drinkers and eaters who will be spending a good bit of dough, just because I'm wearing shorts and sandals, their loss

                            Remind me to add this "Ultra" to my s**t-list ;)

                            Cheers! and thanks for the posts

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                              Duckdown, biggest patio in TO is the old Docks. Now renamed Polson Pier, not a great place for food but it will be packed with a couple thousand people on a weekend..


                            2. second the Docks. it's exactly what you're looking for: lots of beer, mediocre food and company. hope for nice weather.

                              for a little variety, in the summer there's also party cruises on the harbour. don't ask me about tthe details, i'm a little old for them.