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Jun 9, 2010 03:18 PM

Spanish Restaurant in South Carolina?

Does anyone know of a good Spanish restaurant in South Carolina, particularly in Columbia or Charleston? We'll even go to Charlotte!

My father in law is jonesing for paella. And I'd love some authentic tapas.

Many thanks!

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  1. I know Coast has paella, but it's not really Spanish. Chai's on King has nice tapas, but I don't know how authentic they are. Good luck.

    1. Well if you'll drive to charlotte, stop an hour short in Greenville, SC for the Lazy Goat. The Lazy Paella is really delicious, and enough to share. There's also quite alot to of other tapas style dishes to choose from. With this weather, definitely opt for the patio.

      The Lazy Goat
      170 Riverplace Dr, Greenville, SC 29601

      1. Dorothy,

        If your father-in-law was jonesing for paella he should have mentioned it when he was in Toronto in August!! I would have gladly taken him to a place I've been wanting to try. We can definitely find a tapas place when you're up visiting.
        : )

        1. There are a couple of Tapas Bars in Columbia, they all have some authentic and some pseudo-authentic Tapas dishes.

          There are:
          Blue Tapas Bar and Cocktail Lounge in the Congaree Vista behind Wild Wings
          Gervais and Vine on Gervais street in the Congaree Vista next to Carolina Wings
          and there is Virtue just outside of five points on Devine Street next to Dianne's on Devine

          The first 2 I have been to and have enjoyed thoroughly, the latter has just recently opened as of late august 2010, and is owned by one of the former owners of Blue.

          As I said they are not 100% spanish tapas, but the concept of plating is similar.

          Will Descy
          Sous Chef
          Sheraton Downtown Hotel,
          Columbia, SC

          1. If you're willing to travel to Charlotte, go to Tria Terra on Pineville-Matthews Rd. Best paella I've had so far in the South.

            By all means avoid Miro, Sole or any other restaurant that's part of that group. Not only the worst paella I've had in the South, but the worst paella I've had, period.

            Tria Terra
            7707 Pineville Matthews Rd, Charlotte, NC 28226