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Best Business Lunch (near downtown)

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Looking for a new (to San Diego, not just new to me!) place to take someone for a business lunch. Gaslamp or within short drive of downtown is ideal. Any suggestions??

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  1. Dobson's for business lunch.

    Here's their lunch menu:

    1. I like Currant, which is not new but sometimes overlooked.

      1. Dobsons is the obvious choice.

        Mister A's is a good place to close a deal as well.

        Cafe Chloe for a third.

        1. Grant Grill, Westgate. Dobson's is a San Diego insider place and the noise level is horrendous, very difficult to hold a civil business discussion.

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          1. re: foodiechick

            "noise level is horrendous, very difficult to hold a civil business discussion"

            I think that is the lure; other people can't hear the deal you are cooking up.

            1. re: stevewag23

              I've never "got" that part of it. And maybe because I'm getting to be a crusty old man, but I really hate the loud places. Alchemy, Bencotto, Chloe, Wine Vault, Banker's hill even Cucina are loud to me. As you may have noticed from my reviews, I may not be as fussy about the food as some, but I dine with someone because I want to share time with them.

              One of my favorite dining experiences was at Fleur di Lis in LV- we had a separate curtained booth. They did bring course ofter course of amazing food, too. But it was quiet and wonderful.

              Last week we went with a large group to Otan and had our own room. It's a group that goes together once a month, and I enjoyed the group a lt more because one could have decent conversations with any member of the table, regardless of seating position.

              Very nice, Good food, too.

              1. re: Fake Name

                I would call Alchemy, Cafe Chloe, Wine Vault lively but not really loud. The main reason for me to go to a restaurant beside the food is the conversation with other people and I hardly can remember when I was to any of these places and stayed there less than at least 2.5 hours but I never had problems to have good conversation with different sized groups.

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                  This is a trend with restaurant architects these days on loud music equates to drinking more and eating faster..


            2. Cowboy Star is open for lunch (except for Monday). I saw some fancy people there when I went for lunch.

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              1. re: Josh

                Forgot about CS, good choice if the "fancy people" don't mind old cowboy music.

              2. Grant Grill.

                1. Dobson's
                  Grant Grill
                  Jsix at the Hotel Solamar
                  Cafe Chloe
                  Le Fontainebleau @ the Westgate
                  Cowboy Star
                  Island Prime
                  Bali Hai in Shelter Island

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                  1. re: Beach Chick

                    Thanks all! Appreciate the input... I'll post again if I have a fantastic or horrible experience :)

                  2. So we went for Cowboy Star, since it was pretty much the only place mentioned here that I hadn't tried. And ya know what? It was perfect. Comfortable. Decent service and good salmon, with nettles and risotto. And hearing cowboy tunes in downtown San Diego was a fun change from the norm around here. Thanks again, ya'll.