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Jun 9, 2010 01:25 PM

Saturday night of (July) long weekend - help with resto choice.

hi everyone. i'm looking for something and i'm getting overwhelmed by all of the (seemingly unhelpful) bar/restarurant guides.

i haven't been out on a saturday night with my friends in ages. (we're getting i have a few friends coming from out of town on the long weekend. they've never been to toronto. we'd like to go out on saturday night but i am really struggling trying to come up with the right place.


- good food, formal-ish dinner (entrees, not just tapas or snackies)

- no where that turns into a club that causes me to lose my table (we are likely going for a 9pm reservation). so, brant house is kind of lukewarm for me b/c of this.

- we're big wine drinkers, so dancing isn't as important. we can go somewhere else if we feel like dancing

- downtown (so i can show off this great city).

- somewhere we can be dressed up (so, no sports bars)

- price point.....nothing crazy expensive since we're drinking, but i would say entrees in the $20-$35 are reasonable. we aren't broke. will to go higher for the right venue.

this is what i have come up with:

- drake rooftop patio
- jamie kennedy (is the one on church still open? i think so...)
- ciao (yorkville). i like it. ;) and it's in a cute area for tourists.

what do you think?

help! i know there are other good options out there. i know the ossington neighbourhood has expanded well.....but i am just so far removed from this scene.

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  1. On another thread I started, the Niagara St Cafe was suggested. It might suit you. Plus is in King West, which is close enough to action is you so desire.

    1. Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar is now just The Wine Bar, but yes it is still open. That's a good option, as is the Drake. I would also add Origin and the back patio at Caren's Wine Bar (in Yorkville) to your options.

      Jamie Kennedy
      9 Church St, Toronto, ON M5E1M2, CA