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Jun 9, 2010 01:22 PM

Lunch in Mission/one good dinner

So I am visiting from Chicago to see my baby niece. I wanted to get some suggestions about a good casual lunch in the mission. I've been really excited to check out the food carts, but I think I might end up doing that on Thursday at the market. We were also looking to do one nice dinner anywhere in SF. Nothing super upscale because we have a baby with us, but something that represents great California cooking (also open to awesome mexican food since my brother has a soft spot). Thanks!

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  1. If you're going to be in the Mission for lunch during the week, the options are a bit limited. If you are though, a good option for a casual weekday lunch would be Luna Park.

    Luna Park
    694 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94110

    1. If you're going to be in the Mission for lunch during the week, that is the time to get Mexican food! There are so many taquerias it's astounding. I have a soft spot for El Farolito, located at 24th Street and Mission, for their tacos and tortas. Their burritos are also supposed to be great, but many others have different favorites.

      Poc Chuc is a tremendously popular Yucatecan restaurant on 16th street. I haven't been there myself, but the menu looks fabulous.

      El Farolito Bar
      2777 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

      Poc Chuc
      2886 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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        I've only had burritos at El Farolito and was very disappointed with the quality of the meat (which I'm assuming is the same used in the tacos), and while I haven't had their tacos, just down the street at Taqueria Vallarta one can get a very authentic taco experience with offal such as brain, hip, head, shoulder, and tongue that one would never get at El Farolito.

        Taqueria Vallarta
        3033 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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          I'll second Poc Chuc for an incredible home cooked Mayan meal. Another great down-home meal in the Mission would be El Delfin on 24th, particularly if you are craving shrimp dishes.

          Poc Chuc
          2886 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

        2. I highly recommend "Local Mission Eatery". Great local food prepared to order. The lamb sandwich is one of the best things I've ever put in my mouth!

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            I just spoke with our SF daughter, who's quite the foodie. She and her husband went here for dinner New Year's Eve. It was their second dinner there and she really liked it. She esp. likes that everything is offered in both app and entree portions. They had four apps and she had a pinot wine flight. I hadn't heard of this place before but definitely want to try it when we're in SF next. Sounds like a keeper.

          2. You could also check out The Corner. They have a lunch prix fixe menu with three courses for $15. It is located at 18th and Mission. The website does not say anything about lunch but they started their lunch service about a month ago.

            1. One good dinner, kid friendly: Heirloom Cafe. Opened a few weeks ago, very solid California cuisine with a great wine list.