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Jun 9, 2010 01:12 PM

Favourite time to be in Paris

I have been in September, October, November, December, January and May. I think I like the winter months because I love winter food, but there is nothing wrong with picniques and out door dining in the lovely weather. I probably like Nov-Jan for the truffles and game.

The reason I am asking is I am planning my longest trip to Paris in about a year--3-4 weeks, depending on what I pay for a suitable apartment--district to be determined.

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  1. I would come now, in June. It’s not high season so the rent won’t kill you. The food’s good (asparagus, artichokes, young spring vegetables, the first “grassy” cheeses). It shouldn’t be too hot, and the city is still inhabited by its natives who are going to skip town in high summer, but who now at last creep out from indoors and reoccupy the terraces for occupations other than smoking.

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    1. re: vielleanglaise

      We enjoyed the splendid flowers of mid May last month. Giverny was all in fabulous bloom as were the two Bois and all the other parks. Some say our ten days of perfect weather were the best Paris saw in May.

    2. I also second June.
      and I like Paris in August for its deliciously different pace.

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        It's funny that May and June were sort of nosing their way to the top, mostly for the good weather and the lovely produce.

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          It's true in August Paris turns into a different city - especially during the canicule of 2003 when it was as if the city had moved a couple of thousand miles south...

          You'll get a similar "different" vibe over the next month as people gather around TV's in the city's bars and cafes for the World Cup...even if the French do as well as they did against the Chinese. For during the WC, it's difficult not to realise (unless of course you live in a "nice" 'hood) what a cosmopolitan city Paris is.

          1. re: vielleanglaise

            If I were going for a sports event it would be in July for the end of the Tour de France. I waited a whole day in the French Alps in 1999 for Lance and company to whish by in about 15 seconds/

        2. We are always in Paris the middle of september and october, probably our favorite time. The Parisians are back from vacation; cultural events such as the opera and special exhibitions are in full gear; the weather is still warm enough for sitting in the outdoor cafes. Winter is out because I hate the rain and cold and fact that the sun sets at 5 in the afternoon. As for the food, it is always good regardless the time of the year.

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          1. re: PBSF

            I love October as well. It's relaxed, the weather is good, and the produce is still varied.

            1. re: Nancy S.

              IMO, it does not matter that much what time you decide to visit a large city. There is always something to see and to do.
              In August, everthing runs at a slower pace, but still, the heat can be unbearable. Also, it's not the best time, if you love ballets or operas, since both houses are on holiday.
              Also, lots of family run small bistrots will be closed.
              Other than that, you can have fine weather in October or November, while May and June can be rainy. My advice: Do not plan every day in advance, but adjust your programme depending the weather and give everything more time than what you expect. You may run into a nice shop, a pleasant neighbourhood, a lovely café, etc. and want to see more or stay longer. Nothing worse that rushed days while on holiday!

              1. re: Dodo

                Excellent advice, Dodo. The ability to enjoy a vacation is inversely proportional to the number of things on one's agenda.

          2. Oh alright. I vote for October or May but you know, a case can be made for later fall (game), Xmas/NYears (oysters, foie gras), winter (veggies) and earlier Spring (lamb, shoots). And as Colette keeps reminding me a case can even be made for late July and August - you can park anywhere.

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            1. re: John Talbott

              Nah too many restaurants are closed in late July and August. I was there last year and found that I was often 'settling'

              1. re: mikey8811

                After 5 May visits, we've decided to take a break from asparagus and strawberries and check out what's fresh in late September/early October. I can't wait!!

            2. Wow, to love Paris in the winter is REALLY food-centric! However, what can be better than a walk in the Tuileries, a pic-nique in the Place des Vosges, or a half day in the Jardin des Plantes! There's nothing like Paris in the good weather, as it lets you see why it's la plus belle ville du monde!

              P.S. Think about June for the upcoming Fete de La Musique, an event like no other!