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Jun 9, 2010 01:07 PM

electric grill - if gas/charcoal is not an option

My condo board does not allow gas or charcoal grills on our terraces - only electric grills. What are your experiences with electric grills? Are they worth the $, or are they just glorified griddles? Any brands/model recs would be appreciated.

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  1. I have used electric BBQ grills that produced a very nice result. It's not like charcoal grilling, of course, but when there's no other choice I believe they're worth working with.
    I like this one from Weber because the heat source is not a part of the grilling surface which allows for some smoke from drippings to contribute to the flavor of the meat being cooked.

    1. Mrs. O got a Farberware grill as a present for her Starter Marriage. The grill she kept! We haven't used it here in California at all, but it works quite well; the heating element is separate in this one, too, and the whole thing is very easy to clean. I make it easier by lining the upper pan with foil. After looking around a bit it appears that it's now out of production, but there's a ton of them on eBay... My only problem with ours, aside from the sheer inefficiency of using electricity like this, is that it needs a heavier cord than the one it came with, but this is true of most heating-element devices.

      1. At the end of the day, it would work the same as a grill pan on your stove (assuming you have a lid) but there is something to be said about cooking outside.