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Jun 9, 2010 12:59 PM

(Maine) Island Lamb

Is any available at retail for home cooking? Last year, Straw's Farm told me that they sell their entire flock to Fore Street Restaurant.

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  1. there is a stall at the portsmouth farmers market, i am embarrassed to say i can't recall the name of the farm, but they sell cuts of lamb and goat from a maine farm.

      1. The King Hill Farm in Penobscot, Me. sells organic lamb. North Haven I. has/had lamb as well.

        1. Thanks to all who have replied. Let me clarify...

          I'll be spending a week in Maine toward the end of the June, and I'd like to buy and cook "island" lamb like that described in a recent issue of The Art of Eating (a wonderful publication). It's somewhat similar to the pré salé lamb of northwestern France, from animals that graze on salty grasses and seaweed on islands or salt marshes, resulting in especially tender, juicy, and flavorful meat. I’ll be staying near Round Pond, but I can stop at a farm or market anywhere on the route up from New York and I’m willing to drive another hour or two beyond if I can find a sure source.

          Thanks again.

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            Ayuh, Chummy, which Round Pond? There are maybe 15 Round Ponds in Maine. Near which town?

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              Shows what I know. The town of Round Pond near the mighty Muscongus Bay Lobstah Company on Pemaquid Peninsula in Lincoln County.

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                South of me. I fished Round Pond in Hancock Co. last weekend. Contact the Island Institute in Rockland. They will know for sure. Notice the very famous photo of island lamb on their web page.


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                    I got a very quick response back from the Island Institute. They couldn't locate producers in the Midcoast or Casco Bay areas, but recommended that I try calling a few of the farms at, particularly the two in Cumberland, just to see.

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                      When I lived on North Haven in the 80's, we had island lamb, but I think the operation is divorced.

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                        The Nebo Lodge suppliers page lists Sheep Meadow Farm in North Haven and Curtis Custom Meats in Warren. I can't find Sheep Meadow on the web, but Curtis has a phone number.

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                          Curtis is where we'd get it butchered, it is on Rt. 90. My house was behind Nebo Lodge. We ran a small B&B.

                          1. re: Passadumkeg

                            Small world.

                            I just spoke to Curtis. They get island lambs in the spring and fall. He's got some in the freezer right now.

                            1. re: meatme

                              While in the area, stop by Morse Saurkraut for lunch.

                              1. re: Passadumkeg

                                Could be done. I've also got a message in to Sheep Meadow Farm.

            2. I go to muscungus/round pond every week. Check out for some locally raised meats

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                Thanks. i took a look to see what was reasonably nearby. I was already planning on visiting Crystal Springs, and Hatchtown, which is very close, looks worth a stop. Per their web site, River Run sells only whole (and sometimes half) lambs.

                I didn't see any island lamb, however.