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Jun 9, 2010 12:59 PM

Anacortes WA - Good Eats Before Ferry ?

NOTE: I posted this by accident on the Seattle board. I'm re-posting here, in the more appropriate spot. Sorry

I'm planning trip to San Juan Islands on a Saturday in mid-July. I'd like to take the 2:45 p.m. ferry. I know I need to have my car in line early.

I'd love to get in line and then have a nice lunch. Any suggestions of places within very easy walking distance of the ferry terminal? Or maybe some suggestions for good take out to carry to ferry dock?


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  1. Being early for a weekend ferry is very wise. But there is only one restaurant that you could walk to and I haven't heard anything but below average remarks about it.

    When we are in Anacortes, we eat at a Chinese place on Commercial Avenue. It's the route you take to get to the ferry. It's in a strip center on the right as you are going north. I'm extremely picky about my Chinese food and I like this place. I can't recall the name. It only opened less than 5 years ago. Someone at our hotel recommended it right after it opened and we've been eating there ever since.

    You can get pretty decent baked goods at the Calico Cupboard.

    Have a great trip!!! If you go to Orcas Island at all, try Portofino Pizza.

    1. There's not much in walking distance from the Ferry Terminal. It's on the otherside of town. However, on your way to the ferry there's quite a few places for you to grab a bite.

      For a good lunch on the go, maybe try Gere-a-Deli. It's a soup/sandwich/salad place in downtown Anacortes. Very yummy.. LOVE the chicken mango salad. Can be pretty busy though. There's a new place just as you come into town on commerical ave. called Bob's Chowder Bar (or something like that) that does seafood and chowder. Haven't personally eaten there myself, but I hear many many good things about it.

      Also, as you come into town and get into the round-about, if you go around and to the left, there is a little store that looks like a convience store (which it is, sort of). They sell fresh made breads, cookies, and muffins to die for. Also have a large selection of wine and cheese. In my opinion they make the best sandwiches around, but I don't believe they're open on the weekend.

      Last recommendation I have is for the Agave Taqueria. FANATASTIC mexican food. Very fast, staff is super friendly.. and it's even got a drive through. It's on commerical, right in front of the hospital (where I work, so I grab food there all the time).

      Have fun in the Islands, it's been pretty nice here lately!

      BTW, texasredtop, the chinese place is called Lucky Chopsticks, and they are awesome! Last time I was in Orcas (last summer) Portofinos was closed, though.

      Lucky Chopsticks
      1407 Commercial Ave, Anacortes, WA 98221

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        Oh no, say it isn't so. We LOVE Portofino's pizza. And I've only got one more stamp to go to get a free one!!! That means in 2011, I'd finally earn my rewards. We only eat there once a year so that card is like a huge joke every time we go in and ask for a stamp toward our freebie. We loved their pizza. We didn't go last year (1st time in 15 years we missed going) due to a very long Alaska trip. I'm emailing them and will let you know if I get a response.

        We do like Lucky Chopsticks very well. Our first visit to the restaurant was just weeks after it opened and the hotel clerk lived near the people that own it and she recommended it. I am always leery about Chinese food so it was a nice surprise that it was good.

        Any other new restaurants on the islands? We'll be there in a few weeks. We stay on SJI and then make day trips to Lopez and Orcas.

        Lucky Chopsticks
        1407 Commercial Ave, Anacortes, WA 98221

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          I am pleased to say that I got an email back and Portofino's is still in business!! They are closed on Monday so maybe that is the day you were there? They also open late on Sundays, for dinner only. Now I'm hungry!!

        2. Yep not much out by the ferry terminal, better luck in downtown Anacortest. Good pub food at the Rockfish Grill, which is almost all the way to the end of the main drag heading north. Fresh oysters, fish & chips, pizza, and excellent beer as well.

          For a more upscale dining experience, try the Adrift, really killer food, can't say enough about this place, everything is fresh and locally sourced, not cheap but well worth it.

          1. The only really good pub fare is at the The Brown Lantern, on Commercial Street downtown. Been around FOREVER, extensive, eclectic (for a pub) menu, great roadhouse-yet family--ambiance. Haven't had everything on the menu but everything I have had is great. Salmon & corn chowder comes to mind as exceptional, as is the mushroom burger. Carries some uncommon draft beers, including Anchor Steam.

            If you're hungry at breakfast time, the best you can do is Calico Cupboard. Kinda Femmy-Farmy -Kitschy, but the baked goods are GREAT. Highly recommended are the Bananna Coconut Pancakes , the cinnamon rolls, and the Sailor's Breakfast.


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              Any bakeries or good coffee early in Anacortes?

              1. re: ejohn

                It's a bit off the direct track to Anacortes, but Edison has a well known bakery. Their bread is sold around the region.

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                  If you are interesyted in donuts I recommend the donut house in anacortes! There is also a coffee drive through kiosk right near that that carries the scone lady scones which I think get pretty good reviews, but I didn't love the scones. The donuts are also sold at the bakery in the grocery store in SJ. Really good donuts!!



              2. Happy Donuts - we hadn't tried them in 2-3 years but went back this year and were so glad we did. We'd forgotten all the wonderful pastries they offer. So many choices and they were all delicious. We brought a box full on the ferry.


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                  Happy donuts is gone now, too bad they also had Chinese rolls with ham and egg or hotdog.

                  The donut house has been around a long time, changed hands at least once but still very good. I like the almond bear claws or Apple or blueberry fritters. About $3 but huge.