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Jun 9, 2010 12:42 PM

akitori Koubou???

Noticed construction two shops down from Tsuruhashi on Convoy. I glanced at the Public Notice to Sell Alcohol and it said "Yakitori Kouba"....

Anyone know anything about this one?

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  1. south or north of Tsurushashi?

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    1. re: daantaat

      Just guessing he means two doors down...

      1. re: daantaat

        I think he means in the same strip mall.

      2. Competition's really been heating up in Convoy the last few years. We even have owners literally competing with themselves like Okan vs. Oton, or Tajima vs. Tajima 2. =)

        Well, I guarantee you one of us will be there first week it's open.

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        1. re: royaljester

          You forgot Chopstix vs. Chopstix Too :). Honestly I'm kind of surprise that Chopstix Too is still around. The couple of times that I've been there the place was always pretty dead. That was in the evening though so maybe they do good business at lunch time.

          4633 Convoy St Ste 101, San Diego, CA 92111

        2. I did a quick scouting run today to see what I could gather, and the space seemed very "stealthy". There was practically no signage other than some legal announcement of some kind. But I couldn't see anything that referred to the name of the establishment, nor any typical Public Notice. Perhaps I looked at the wrong space, but it was 2 doors down from Tsuruhashi on the Philadelphia Sandwich Company side.

          San Diego, CA, San Diego, CA

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          1. re: cgfan

            One quick correction - the name of this place is Yakitori Koubou.

            I got the information from the "Public Notice of Application to Sell Alcoholic Beverages". I've kinda gotten in the habit of reading those. It sometimes has good information, and is a good heads-up as to what kind of restaurant is opening in a particular spot. i.e. I got kinda excited seeing an application in the old Playa Azul location..... until I read the application saying it was going to be a place named "Fish Attack Sushi House"... sigh....

            Apparently the applicant at the Convoy location is a company called Nears International Inc, but I have not been able to find out too much about it.

            Here's a photo of the application.

            1. re: KirkK

              Great confirmation on the name. "Kouba" is an alternate expression for "factory" and not in common use, while "Koubou" means something like "workshop" or "craft center."

              However, "Fish Attack Sushi House" somehow sounds even worse than Capt. Blowchunks Wholesale Seafood Outlet & Sushi Bar... just sayin'

              1. re: Tripeler

                Just did a search on the Japanese Google maps for Yakitori Kouba and came up with a chain of Yakitori shops from Hokkaido. The only customer review I found, assuming it has anything to do with the one opening up here, was of an inexpensive Yakitori-ya with large portions and a tendency for spicy offerings.

                FYI just for giggles here's the link to the Street View of one of their shops in Hokkaido. Again no expectation that it has anything to do with the one opening up here, but it is operating under the same name...


                Also did a search for Yakitori Koubou, and came up with another chain of 9 Yakitori shops with 2 affiliate shops in Yokohama. They even have a webpage!

              2. re: KirkK

                Oops... "Posted" this earlier, but realized I kept my browser window open and never submitted it...:

                The strange thing is that when I went to check it out today the notice was nowhere to be seen... Just some legal notice (and not the notice to sell alcohol) and a sign on the door (which was turned around and facing inwards!)... Maybe the latter was the notice to sell alcohol, though I'm not sure why they'd turn it around...

                Yowza, "Fish Attach Sushi House"!

                1. re: cgfan

                  Hello, did anyone ever confirm if the restaurant opened or not. I'll be visiting SD in a month and would like to check it out it possible. What are other Yakitori places in SD? If any...

                  1. re: Skewerit

                    Yakitori Yakyudori in Hillcrest.

                    Yakitori Yakyudori
                    3739 6th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

            2. Anyone know if this place is open yet?

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              1. re: mliew

                Sign in the window says opening on 10/07

                1. re: KirkK

                  Will be interesting to see how they compare now that Yakudori is server yakitori as well.