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Jun 9, 2010 12:05 PM


Is there any casual place in Longview where I can get good food and a cold beer and /or cocktail. I am not interested in Mexican, BBQ, or pizza. I've been to Guang Zhou and Dudley's.

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  1. Texas Roadhouse @ 320 E Loop 28, Longview, TX 903 - 757 - 6006.

    1. Geralds downtown on Tyler St. is a good casual cocktail place. WIlly G's across the street from there has a decent beer selection 12 or so taps now with plans for more. The food there is really good also. Lil' Thai House has a better than average beer selection and the food is amazing. It's also downtown, off of Fredonia I believe, don't remember the exact street.

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      1. I realize that this doesn't fit you request, but I thought I might mention it for those in the future who search Longview. Believe it or not, Longview has one of the best Thai restaurants in Texas -- Little Thai House. Very small, family run, small menu, everything cooked from scratch. When there is a crowd, the wait can be fairly long. But when there isn't one, you can almost have the place to yourself. Amazingly good Thai food. As good as I've had anywhere.

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          Thanks. I will go there next time. Went up at GZ again.

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            Mike: Where is Little Thai House located?

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              Brent, 212b N. Fredonia St.

              It's about a block south east of the Courthouse.