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Jun 9, 2010 11:47 AM

a mano or dominica?

am interested in trying both but have sitter for one night only. any recommendations?

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  1. "Domenica".......................

    1. A Mano.

      I know people seem to love Domenica, but I've only had bad experiences (in two visits, more service wise that food wise - waiter bringing out plates for the wrong table (and not being able to identify items on the charcuterie plate); bringing out entrees 10 minutes after giving us apps then asking "do you want these now?" holding the plates over our table, actually trying to put an entree plate on top of an empty app plate, and when my boyfriend asked for the leftovers from his meal to go, the waiter wrapped up ONLY his leftover polenta...he had to ask again for the leftover steak (to which the waiter replied, "Oh, yeah, that makes a lot more sense.")). I also find it annoying that you have to pay full price to park at the Roosevelt when you eat there, and they seem slightly annoyed when you enter via the hotel vs. outside. The food I had was fine (but just fine...though I didn't really get the croutons in my risotto), but as someone who was excited about a "real" Italian place in NOLA, the experiences really let me down.

      At A Mano, where I've also been twice, (most recently last week) both the service and food were amazing. Our server really knew the menu, and made great recommendations for both food and wine. The duck they have on the right now with the blueberries is so good, and the rabbit my father had was one of the best rabbits I've had in NOLA (I order rabbit a lot). They just seemed a little more committed to seasonality/what they can get locally too, which gets bonus points from me. Maybe it's the fact that it's smaller (capacity and staff wise) but it just seemed sooo much more together, and I thought the food was so much better.

      Bottom line, I would go to A Mano anytime, with anyone, no matter who's paying.
      I might go back to Domenica if I was with someone else who was paying and really wanted to try it, mostly out of curiosity, because other people seem to like it.

      123 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70112

      1. I like them both, but I gotta go with A Mano. Be sure to get the seafood salad - the one with octopus, shrimp, squid, and potato. Their salumi plate is excellent, too. My favorite one in town.

        1. a Mano. far better as a dinner option. you might even start at W.I.N.O, then stroll down the street for dinner.

          if it was for a casual lunch, then Domenica,

          123 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70112

          1. thank you all! a mano it is. cant wait.

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              please report. I hear great things about it on chowhound and elsewhere, but i've also heard disappointing reviews. TF recently gave them a pretty poor review for what its worth - which isn't much probably.

              1. re: latasche

                reporting back: a mano was amazing!! we had a variety of salumi--excellent. and as entrees a lemon fettucine and the rabbit. a fantastic meal! thanks so much for the recs.

                1. re: monomalo12

                  thanks for the report. i am putting it on my list of new places to try behind Meson 923