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Jun 9, 2010 11:45 AM

Jerusalem Restaurant Suggestions Needed

My wife & I will be in Jerusalem for several days in July & would like some restaurant suggestions for some of the best restaurants that are not touristy. Mediteranean, seafood, traditional, or others are all fine. Price is not necessarily a factor. We will be at the Inbal hotel, but do not mind having to take a taxi, etc. Your assistance is certainly welcomed and appreciated.

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  1. I am not a Jerusalemite, but I've heard the Blue Dolphin in East Jerusalem is good for seafood. Here's a link:

    I have always found Terra to be one of the best restaurants in Jerusalem. The inside dining area is attractive, or you can sit outside on the sidewalk if the evening is cool. Arcadia, Cavalier, Chakra, and Adom are also frequently cited. None of them is kosher.

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      We just came back from an amazing trip to Israel and stayed at the Inbal. The hotel is wonderful. First of all, the breakfast buffet is included and it is spectactular. Smoked fish, pastries, every salad and fruit you can imagine. Within maybe 3 blocks of the hotel is a street called Emek Refaim. It is very lively and has a ton of cafes, restaurants and shops. We walked there almost every night for dinner. We liked Marvad Haksamim,
      for middle eastern food and caffit was very good for dairy. One night we had dinner right across the street from the Inbal at Fish and Olive. I have to say that we were most interested in eating hummus and falafel. (we were stopping over in Paris for a few days on the way home...and would do the outrageous meals there). We loved Sima in the Shuk, again for middle eastern. Also, stop at Marzipan bakery in the shuk and get chocolate ruggalach. And buy spices to take home! We had lunch one day at the King David which was lovely. One suggestion, it is worth the extra money to stay on the executive floor at the Inbal. Hope you have a great trip.

    2. I just posted a list of J'lem restaurants in the newer Tel Aviv/Jerusalem restaurant post on the main board. Have fun :)

      1. Chakra for sure. Non-kosher, multiple kinds of fusion going on, everything imaginatively and excellently prepared from top-grade ingredients. Two of us dined very well there in April for the shekel equivalent of $108 including two drinks/glasses of wine each, dessert and coffee. Despite the name, it's not an Indian restaurant. Also lunched at Abu Gosh Restaurant in (where else?) Abu Gosh, a village just west of Jerusalem. Probably the best Arab food I've ever eaten. And they serve cold beer.

        1. although technically not in Jerusalem proper just outside of the city is the village of Abu Gosh, where you can find several wonderful restaurants serving authentic israeli salads and grilled meats. One of my favorite places in all of Israel to eat is restaurant Abu Gosh (same name as the village). Caravan restaurant in Abu Gosh is also excellent. Basically the style of food at all of these places is that you sit down and get 6-12 different salads, hummus, tahini, eggplant salads, etc. then you order meats - chicken, kabob, filet, fish, lamb, whatever you want, which come out as a main course. Abu Gosh is famous for their hummus but all of their salads are amazing.

          these are not kosher restaurants, although the meat they serve may be kosher.

          If you go to restaurant Abu Gosh ask for Alex, who is their head waiter, and you'll get amazing service. Every time I am in Israel i eat here at least twice.