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Stuffed peppers...best rice filling?

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I want to make stuffed red peppers- with ground beef. What is the best filling with it-- jasmine, basmati, wild rice???

Also, any great recipes welcome please!

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  1. IMO, jasmine rice deserves to stand alone so that its flavor can be appreciated and enjoyed to its fullest. With the choices you have, I'd use the wild rice. However, frankly, a quality long grain white rice would be my choice.

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      "quality long grain white rice"

      My first choice as well, and then I'd consider the wild rice.

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        I wouldn't use wild rice, in my case because I don't really like it, but in general because I think it too would be wasted in this application. What you want is a bland medium to extend, absorb and support the flavors of the beef and other ingredients, which for me would be onion and tomato, probably some garlic. I don't have a recipe for this, mostly because they all call for the bell peppers which Mrs. O so violently despises, so when I eat any they're bought from Trader Joe's!

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          Take a look at this Korean version of stuffed pepper.
          It uses hot chili and/or Korean sweet pepper instead of bell, also it is fried instead of baked.


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            Thanks for the post...it looks good and interesting.

    2. Personally I like millet or quinoa as a base for filling stuffed peppers. But if I have to use rice, I would use a basic long grain rice, nothing fancy.

      IMO - definitely do not use wild rice. I want the filling in a stuffed pepper to hold together a bit and wild rice just doesn't have the starch content. The filling will just fall apart.

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        I was going to suggest quinoa as well. You could also add a good Mexican spice blend (I use Moton and Basset I think. If you don't want to go the mexican route, you could top them with a tomato sauce mixed with some sour cream.

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          I use quinoa or brown rice, depending on how much time I have. Then it's a matter of what I have in the pantry / frig. Peppers are coming on sale now, so this thread has caught my interest. Time to go thru the frig and pantry.

        2. thanks, I will go with the long grain white, and make a pilaf. I would love to copycat one I had a restaurant (although it was a vegetarian version) "Slow roasted pepper stuffed with spinach and scallion pilaf served over a creole eggplant & tomato ragu" It was great!

          1. As the descendent of Hungarians, stuffed peppers with tomato sauce and rice/ground beef filling was a regular part of our diet. We used Uncle Ben's converted white rice, but really any white rice should do well.

            If you want the full recipe, let me know. Have done this with both green, red, and other colored bell peppers and always turns out well, freezes really well, and is a great "make-ahead" dish.

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              i would love to have the recipe - my wife actually requested it for dinner tonight --- thanks in advance

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                  Stuffed peppers
                  2 lb. ground beef (80/20 or chuck)
                  2 cups chopped yellow onions
                  2 eggs, lightly beaten
                  salt, pepper
                  1 T garlic
                  1 cup white rice, rinsed
                  1 can 28 oz chopped tomatoes & puree
                  4 -6 large bell peppers, any color, cored & rinsed

                  Stuffing: Mix ground beef with 1 cup chopped onions, 2 eggs, rinsed rice, and seasonings. Important to rinse rice so it will steam properly in the cooking process. Don't skip this step!

                  Stuff peppers lightly with mixture, it will expand and burst if packed too much. If you have leftover stuffing, make into golf ball sized meatballs and add to the pot.

                  In wide, deep Dutch oven add tomatoes, remaining onions, salt & pepper to taste. Place stuffed peppers on top with filling side up. Sauce will not cover peppers, don't worry. Place on stovetop, bring to simmer., covered. Lower heat and simmer 2 hours, stirring occasionally, adding water if too much sauce cooks away. Best made 1-2 days in advance, refrigerated. Flavors will meld and taste better. Great "make ahead" dish to re-heat. You can freeze peppers, be sure to cover with sauce.

                  Excellent served alone or over mashed potatoes, noodles.

                2. I would use a mix of long grain rice mixed with small amount of wild rice.

                  1. I like to use quinoa and pearl barley.

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                      I use Jasmine rice all the time and it comes out great. I might even try Basmati one of these days. Converted rice will withstand more abusive cooking if you like converted rice.

                      My wife, being German/Polish makes the stuffed peppers with a sweet tomato sauce that I don't like at all. She actually adds sugar which is a no no in my book.

                      I think the Hungarian idea is great. A little onion, garlic, paprika and maybe bacon? I have a Hungarian cookbook that I will look in and post if something looks good. But I would really like to see Diane's recipe.

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                        Sweet tomato sauce sound like. Is it like that Spanish rice thing? Add sugar is ok, depending how much sheadds.

                    2. I am curious if anyone has tried stuffing bell peppers with something morrocan-ish like lamb, cous cous, raisins, spices, etc... I am trying to imagine what a good sauce would be for something like that.

                      1. I definitely agree with the posters who said regular long-grain white rice.

                        My husband always said he hated stuffed peppers -- but we realized it was like many other foods he'd been turned off of growing up -- his mom overcooked things and made them very bland.

                        I'm still not big on plain stuffed peppers, but I do like a Southwestern variation. I don't have a recipe, but just do it based on what I have on hand and eyeball the amounts based on how many peppers I have to fill.

                        My general method: brown some ground beef, drain off most of the fat and reserve the browned meat in a bowl, In the same pan, saute some chopped onion in the reserved fat until translucent, add chopped garlic (I use quite a few cloves) and saute until aromatic (not too long). Add the white rice and saute for a few minutes until very lightly toasted (it looks more white) and blended with the little bit of fat. Add (to taste) salt, ground cumin and dried ground chili pepper (chipolte, or whatever you like) and still well. Add some canned diced tomatoes or hand chop some canned whole tomatoes and any chopped pieces of the peppers (from prepping them -- I prefer to use colored peppers). Add some water or broth (based on level of liquid from the tomatoes). Bring to a low simmer. Add a can (or more) of beans (black beans, pinto beans). I parcook the peppers -- in the micowave or preroasting a bit. When the rice is almost done (but still a little firm in the middle), stuff the peppers and bake at 350 until hot through, the peppers softened to taste, and the rice done.

                        I usually do these without a formal sauce, but a ranchero type sauce works if you prefer one.