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Jun 9, 2010 09:58 AM

Essential foods to fly home

I lived in New Orleans for 5 years and I will be going down again next weekend. I have been trying to think of good things to bring back to Boston that I would only be able to get in NOLA.

So far I have thought of a muffaletta from Central Grocery, Louisianan Hot Sauce, blackened seasoning (not sure which). What else am I missing that will be easy to transport on a plane and will not require me to bring a cooler?

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  1. File,possibly coffee, Zatarain's products--you might be able to get some of them but I imagine something like the lemon fish fry might be harder to find---Camellia red beans (or any other of their fine products), Crystal, a jar of roux to show your friends that they actually sell the stuff, ...and that is just a beginning.

    I wonder if Maunsel White's 1812 Sauce is around..have not seen it in ages..nor Maunsell White, for that matter

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      pralines, a tarte a la bouille from rouses, river road coffee, konriko pecan rice

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        I'm glad you did that..I dunno how.

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          My memory is bad, but I use a couple of related search terms in the search box at the top of the page, or I look back on my past posts on my profile page (I do reall adding my suggestions. Then I click on that topic and copy and paste the link) Hope that made sense...

      2. Camellia red beans, either Jazzman or Ellis Stansel popcorn rice, Zatarains's mustard, crab boil, zapps, Peychaud's bitters. Can't go wrong w/ a large can of Prudhomme's blackened seasoning. Available at Central Grocery or the little shop inside K-Paul's....of course you can always make your own spice mixes from the recipes in his Louisiana Kitchen cookbook....often available on amazon for about $4.

        FWIW, although Zatarain's mustard may be available in Boston, it most likely will be past it's prime. It just doesn't move off the shelves fast enough up north. My dad has that problem in Jersey. The stuff he gets has lost it's kick.

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          Re: Zatarain's, that is true and I forget to point it out--just like horseradish. Local Zatarain's horseradish is almost always fresh but I often get the stuff from restuarant supply places becuase it is even fresher (if I don;t make it myself, which is rare cuz I don;t always see the root around). Good call on peychaud's, too. I knew I was forgetting some good ones. I shoudl have recalled that becuase I usually take Peychaud's to friends in New York and New England.

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            Off topic for HH: I saw horseradish root recently in Rouses, and I've also seen it in Whole Foods.

        2. Is Tony Chachere's available nationally? If not, I'd pick up some of that. As well as Crystal. And Zapp's. A cooler's really worth it, though--then you can bring a muffaletta.