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Jun 9, 2010 08:59 AM

Good restaurants in Lerici, Liguria

We are planning to visit Cinque Terre in June and will stay in the Hotel Florida between Lerici and San Terenzo, I am looking for any recommendations of nice places to eat in this area. We will spend there 4 days , one of the days we want to go to a place maybe with the music to celebrate a birthday.
Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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  1. If you are serious about tasting high quality Ligurian food, you should consult Fred Plotkin and David Downie's books for current recommendations for the area, including the immediate vicinity beyond Lerici.

    It is not common to find live music in Italian restaurants. On a nice June weekend, you may find local music events in piazze by the sea. If you are looking for a lively scene with lots of street food, you might research La Spezia, easily reached from Lerici.

    1. I had a wonderful meal in San Terenzo last year but I just cannot remember the name, you will however find a wealth of information about Lerici in this blog