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Jun 9, 2010 08:00 AM

Big Apple BBQ 2010-New Pitmasters?

Seems there are some new pitmasters in the mix for this year. Anyone familiar with them and the quality of the product? Which stands will you be hitting this year?

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  1. Check Out Ubon BBQ of Yazoo City, MS. I have stopped by there numerous times. Roark has a long history in BBQ business and has a nice place middle of town on Hwy. 49 in Yazoo City just N of Jackson MS.

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    1. re: Littleman

      Probably the only stop I'll be making is Ubon's. I was just thinking that he doesn't get enough mention when talking about the BBQ. He has some great pulled pork and the man himself is ridiculously nice to boot.

      1. re: janethepain

        He's from the Mississippi Delta Jane. We are all least most of us are anyway. Have fun. I wish I was there.

    2. I have seen Jacks Old South on food network bbq competition show.

      1. Any word on Moonlite BBQ's mutton and burgoo?

        1. Have the fast pass in hand and am leaving for NYC tomorrow. I'm going to try to hit every stand.
          A standout for me from years past:
          Ed Mitchell - gotta love that whole hog. At first, I found it dificult to accept chopping a whole hog for sandwiches, but it is pretty darn good.
          Funny how Littleman says "He's from the Mississippi Delta Jane. We are all nice....". Seems mostly all these pitmasters are friendly, approachable, and even though quite busy, not afraid to chat a bit.
          Looking forward to Skip Steele's ribs as well.

          1. I went today for the first time. What a nice event!!
            The only drawback was the lines.

            I went early (11:30am) and didn't wait more than 20 minutes for any line. However, I think I inadvertently cut the Big Bob's line! There was MASS CONFUSION as the Jack's and Big Bob's lines got intertwined...and when I got frustrated after 10 minutes trying to find the end of the line...a Big Bob personnel told me where to stand. As the line progressed, I realized I think I cut the line! YIKES!

            I tried Big Bob's, Spit, and Ubon. Big Bob's was the clear winner to me. The meat was so awesomely smoked, and I like the red saucy BBQ sauce and the white sauce.
            Ubon's was ok, but not better than Bob's and I didn't like their coleslaw with the relish at all. Spit was ok, but I like a nice tomatoey red saucy sauce, and didn't like their vinegar sauce.
            They were all served on potato buns, all with forgettable coleslaw (Mine is WAYYY better than all three), and $8.

            Delicious! Enjoy everyone!!!