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Jun 9, 2010 07:43 AM

Galleria supermarket or T&T for kalbi-cut short ribs?

Does anyone think the quality of the short ribs is better at either Galleria or T&T? Are there better places to buy them? I'm referring to uncooked, unmarinated short ribs, rather than prepared.

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  1. Have never been to Galleria. The only ones I've seen at T&T (Cherry St.) have been frozen, so I'm biased against them.

    I've purchased them at two places. PAT on Bloor. They were very good. Forget the price, but for $25, you get a pretty big pack.

    A bit pricier, but totally worth it in my opinion are the dry aged ones from Cumbrae's. Man, they were tasty (Although my Kalbi marinade helps). $7.99/lb.

    481 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

    1. Galleria all the way. In My opinion there is no one even close when it comes to the Korean cuts of meat. I recommend the King Rib cut. Its a nice hunk of meat and sold rolled around a nice big rib bone and fans out gorgeously when you cook on the grill. Even my Korean friends were impressed with a quality of meat. I live in downtown and didn't want to drive all the way up and ended up buying from De Liso meats at St. Lawrence Market. Paid the same amout of money as the top of the line cut at Galerria and it was comparable to a low quality cheaper cut. Personally I think T&T sells value cuts (Sobeys has special this week if you want to try them)

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        H mart has good meats. There is a large location at Yonge & Marjor Mac and just notice a few weeks ago a small location around yonge & finch doesn't have the selection as the other one but it's closer to home for me.

        1. I bought really excellent Angus 'AAA' boneless short ribs at T&T Milliken last week. They were $6/lb, a special that may have ended or will end soon. Boneless and well trimmed, they made an excellent meal, for $12. I don't know if boneless can be adapted to Kalbi, but I may try when I repurchase.

          1. There's also the Korea Meat Shop, a butcher/meat shop on Yonge just north of Byng Ave (next to the Wing Machine). While you're there, go get something to eat at Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

            Quality is pretty similar but a bit cheaper.

            Buk Chang Dong
            691 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

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              H Mart!! They have great meat and its super fresh. If you go on weekends the guy makes it fresh and packages it up for you all marinated.

            2. Bumping this as T&T has boneless Angus ribs at $5/lb this week.
              They are good enough to warrant a special trip. Really well trimmed and easy to use.