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Jun 9, 2010 06:41 AM

Good Fish N' Chips in RICHMOND HILL?

Hey everyone

A friend of mine is looking for an outstanding Fish and Chip place, Richmond Hill

They used to go to Old Galley Fish n' Chips, but since they moved to their new location, everything tastes like PURE GREASE.......which is too bad, as my friends family loved it there for years:(

If anyone has any suggestions, please post:)
Also put the location, website, your experiences would be vvvvvvvvunderful

Thanks again

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  1. This has been covered in a previous thread, but many people (including me) like Bob's Fish n Chips, on Levendale at Yonge, across from the No Frills grocery. ZERO decor (plastic chairs and formica tables), but very good, very crispy fish, and acceptable fries. Save the money on coleslaw (go buy a carton of Ziggy's from the No Frills - three times as much for less $$), and if it's a nice day, get it to go - there's a public school just west on Levendale, and you could have a fine impromptu picnic during the summer.

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    1. re: FrankD

      Thanks FrankD

      I did do a 'search' for Fish n' Chips in Richmond Hill, but there was nadda posted
      This is why I posted:)

      And glad I did:)
      Will tell my friend your suggestion as they are 'fishing-it' this evening


      1. re: NoFixedAddress

        This search link should help:

        The first problem is that you typed "n'" instead of "and". The second problem is that the search defaults to "newest first" rather than "relevant". The search on this site sucks. :)

    2. I actually really like York Fish and Chips in the Cora;s plaza at Elgin Mills and Yonge. It is pricier than other joints but their fish is light, moist and not greasy. I actually found the Old Gallery to be too greasy. My 3 year old loves the fish at York and can eat an entire halibut by himself.

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      1. re: Karsalis

        Interesting! As they ended up ordering from YORK Fish and Chips and loved it.

        They had been to Bobs Fish and Chips, but found it MEH!
        The oil looked like it had never been changed etc.....

        Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!

        The GO-To place is now YORK FISH N' CHIPS! :):)