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Jun 9, 2010 05:17 AM

What's the deal with WISH?

Are they open? Do they have a website? Has anyone been? Is the menu similar to the old menu? Do they have that tasty, tasty hummus they used to have?

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  1. I can't speak to the menu or hummus as I only had a quick lunch there once a few years back, but they are open. I walked by yesterday and there were people having lunch on the patio.

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      They're open? I thought they closed and were replaced. I used to live on Charles, a couple doors down, and always loved popping in for a luxe breakfast or a tasty Froot Loop martini.

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        Wish....Black Skirt....Wish. That's the sequence of events. I don't think Black Skirt was successful. Thank the lord Wish is back. Best patio and martini's in the city by a landslide if you are into relaxing with chill music in comfort and style. Also as side note a very Queer friendly spot!

    2. Food face: Precisely, though you neglected to mention that the intersection also makes it great. Food and Yonge and Bloor. Rare indeed.

      Bonus points to anyone who can tell me if this is a simple rebranding of the same old thing.

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        My understanding is that the "new" Wish is supposed to be a return to the "old" Wish. Sort of pretending that Black Skirt never happened, I guess.

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          Hooray! I did really like the food at wish. I hadn't eaten dinner there. Only brunch and appitizers. The food was lovely. My only complaint was that the portions where too small. I'm 5'4 and female and I left brunch feeling hungry. Other than that...I'm super excited to go back.

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            You know what they say, Greg? If it ain't broke...

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                1. The portion sizes were small for the quality & price of the food, but they weren't *horrible*. If it was a great plate of calamari, then I'd probably be okay with the $13 price tag. I'm no calamari expert, but I'd guess that they dunked it in when the oil wasn't hot enough so it cooked the squid but not deep fried it the way I *personally* like. Maybe it's my Fat-Kid-Personality, but I like it when there's more batter and it's more fried. But when you consider Mezes' Kalamari Platter for $18ish (I attached a pictures for comparison), which comes with potatoes and salad... I'd rather pay the extra $5 for their salad (better dressing, a bit more veggies), potatoes, and better squid. Especially since that'd cancel out Wish's salad.

                  The lamb burger was $15 - while slightly bigger, I'd rather pay for a Grindhouse Bison burger. The salad was the bugger of the whole meal! Seriously, $9!? That bugs me to no end. I could hop down to Boulevard Cafe or Cafe La Gaffe for a great salad. I have never tried it, but I suspect that even Wendy's salads give you more.

                  Hmm perhaps this type of information and comparison would be good for future reviews on my blog? I have a healthy stash of food pictures from all over the city and I could compare a bunch...although I didn't take pictures of everything and maybe it would be confusing to mix pictures of other restaurants. I'll have to think about that

                  Cafe La Gaffe
                  24 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T1L2, CA

                  456 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1P4, CA