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Jun 9, 2010 05:14 AM

PF Chang's Frozen Dinner

Has anybody tried PF Chang's Frozen Dinners? I've tried their beef with broccoli and it was surprisingly good.

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    1. re: wench31

      i actually just noticed these frozen entrees at my local mini mart. the nutritional info was none too appealing, but for a last minute or late night craving, maybe we'll give one a try.

      1. re: sarabean

        "The nutritional info was none too appealing..."

        It didn't look terrible to me (except for the sodium content). For example:

        1. re: Servorg

          My husband and I both have high blood pressure, and we've managed to cut down a TON on sodium content by just becoming more aware. That doesn't mean that we don't ever buy frozen meals, but they're big culprits. I have to say that the nutrition info you posted doesn't look too bad (except of course for sodium, as you said), but I would still personally just keep one or two of these in the freezer for "emergencies." If, however, you have even a few staples in the house (or freezer), you can whip up a pretty tasty stir-fry for a fraction of the cost, a fraction of the chemicals (even using jarred or semi-prepared sauces) and only a modicum of time/hassle.

          1. re: Mestralle

            my thoughts exactly, i have wonderful asian markets nearby, and i am being extra skimpy with fat & calories right now with my wedding approaching. after which i will obviously let myself go ;)

      1. I tried the sweet and sour chicken and thought it was quite good.

        1. Yes! In fact, I made the Orange Chicken, tonight, and added some Minute Rice and Egg Rolls. It was awesome! In the summer, I don't want a heavy meal. Even though I was raised on BBQ ribs & deep-dish pizza, I like lighter meals when the temps hit 90+. This was very good and made in less than 30 minutes! My husband told me, repeatedly, to buy it again. IT WAS A BIG HIT!!!

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          1. re: JulieBoolie

            I could have sworn I already replied to this thread - no reason why my post would have been deleted (but then again who knows) But I looked at these at the market the other day and at $9.99 each (for 2 servings) there are much better values out there. Trader Joes frozen meals such as the BBQ teriyaki chicken feeds 2-3 people a good portion for $4.99 - $5.99. For $10 one might as well stop for takeout