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Jun 9, 2010 04:56 AM

Barbeque in Providence

Would anyone happen to know of any good and tasty barbeque restaurants in Providence?

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  1. 3 choices

    United BBQ (Ives St) - best of the bunch. Mostly takeout, great smokey taste and rub, sauce isnt my favorite though. Great prices

    Ricks Roadhouse (by Davol Square) - sit down with a bar, ok food and prices, better sauce - can be very inconsistent. havent had a bad meal though.

    Wes's Ribhouse (Dike st Olneyville) - dont bother unless its 2am and you are rather intoxicated....and make sure you lock your car

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    1. re: joe777cool

      I remember when Wes' first opened, way back in the day. It was very cutting edge for Providence. We thought it was so cool and fantastic. Of course, none of us had ever had real barbecue before.

      At 2 AM your first choice should be NY system weiners, so there's really no need to ever go to Wes'.

      Funny to see places like Wes', Tortilla Flats, and Andreas still around in Providence.

      Tortilla Flats
      355 Hope St, Providence, RI 02906

      1. re: Bob W

        I honestly don't think it's just a question of my tastes improving, as I've traveled around the South a lot and have sampled good 'Q in lots of places; I think Wes' has gone seriously downhill. 20 years or so ago, somebody there actually cared about the food. Now, no. Joe's advice upthread is good. It's a shame, because many's the time I've driven by on the 6/10 connector there, gotten a good whiff and thought "man, I'm hungry, but..."

        1. re: Gin n Tonic

          Wes's is a total pass-bad food, bad service, bad location.
          United BBQ is serviceable, all the more so for me, since it is close enough to work for lunch. Though, have to say, their beef ribs and brisket leave a lot to be desired. I want slices of brisket with the glorious pink edges, not chopped up stuff mixed with vinegar sauce!!! In a sandwich, it's ok though.

          Still haven't been to L.J.'s. The menu gives me pause, since they seem to do too much and not focus on BBQ.

          NB: I'm a BBQ snob from central Texas who takes a few long weekends each year just to eat good BBQ and Mexican.

          1. re: kcward

            I tried LJ's.....and I wasnt impressed. The only things I can remember about it were it seemed expensive, and I didnt really enjoy the sauce very much. I cant seem to remember much about the meat......if it was any good im sure I would have.

            Its sad when some of the best ribs in the state are at Smokey Bones of all places......My friends and I are resigned to the fact that we need to travel up to the Boston area for decent Q. So far we have tried Blue Ribbon....more trips to come.

            1. re: joe777cool

              I ate at LJ's about a year ago and it was terrible. I never usually complain to anyone when I dine out but when you receive the wrong food, never get drinks that you ordered and see mice in an establishment I can justify complaining. Management did respond well, our meal was comped and we received gift certificates for a future visit. The gc's still have never been used.

        2. re: Bob W

          Bob W are talking about the original on Broad Street when there really was a Wes. It was pretty good back then. Open until 4 on Friday and Saturday nights.

        3. re: joe777cool

          joe777cool, thanks for the info, I will check them out.

        4. i'm not a huge fan of 'que which i guess is ok since it seems like the options in ri are mediocre, but...
          we used to go to lj's all the time when they were a hole in the wall type place on douglas ave, but since they moved to the east side i feel the prices are quite high and the authentic feel has dwindled.
          SO really likes the pork ribs at united bbq and i love their collards, but agree that the beef is sub par, which is my meat of choice. the prices though i feel are a very good value, plus they are open late, and they offer delivery. last time i got pulled pork sand and it was massive but i wished i had asked for a side of sauce.

          1. OK, don't laugh or yell...I have very little experience with BBQ, and prior going to this place, my only exposure to ribs was the Chinese restaurant types - what about Texas Roadhouse? I know it's a chain, and I really don't like chain restaurants...but I do love their ribs...

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            1. re: RIRN2008

              TXR is my favorite chain steakhouse in its category (Bugaboo Creek, Outback, Longhorn, Lonestar etc). The ribs are decent and consistent along with Smokey Bones as previously mentioned. That being said they dont hold a candle to true smokehouses in other parts of the country

              1. re: joe777cool

                Well said joe777cool. I am heading South and will think of you all over a few racks and pulled pork sandwiches!

                1. re: Curious Chef

                  You can borrow my cooler if you bring some back!!!

            2. There will never be good BBQ places in the NE due to cultural differences and customer expectations. If you look at Texas Monthly's list of the 10 best, a good number are mom and pop places that load up the pit on Friday, after doing a week's long work at something else. They do it for extra money and a love of the art. Start selling on Saturday morning, and it's often gone by noon. Restaurants in Lockhart, for example, can do a 7-day a week service, since they've been at is to long, and it's a pilgrimage site, so they know how to stock the pits. Expectations in the NE are different: "What do you mean, you don't have X?" Texan says: "Damn, should have gotten up 2 hours earlier and driven 20 mph faster, that must have been GOOOOD!" New Englander says: "False advertising, bad management"" In other words, I'm kinda forgiving of NE BBQ places--they're trying to provide a valuable service in a climate that doesn't understand the process (or culture) though, yeah, I long for better.

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              1. re: kcward

                Good point. Same goes for "pig pickin'' places in the Southeast like the beloved Sweatman's in SC. These boards are littered with posts from disappointed hounds who have ventured to legendary cue spots only to find them closed. I look at it as a badge of honor for the true chowhound.

              2. For a more authentic BBQ experience try the BBQ beach-party held by the Phantom Gourmet in Bosotn. I believe its at the end of June this year. I went last year on a Saturday and made a second trip on Sunday so I could try every single vendor. The Aussie's meats are second to none IMO. It can be an expensive day, depending on how much you eat and drink, but I didnt mind dropping $8-$10 or so at each vendor (only a total of about 8-10 different stands) to get a sampling of their food. My SO already has tickets for this year, I believe she said they are B1G1.....$5 or so. Im not a huge advocate of the Andelman Bros - but this is one of my few chances to get Southern BBQ in NE.

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                1. re: joe777cool

                  Checking it out! Thanks for the info.

                  1. re: Curious Chef

                    Chef - just wondering if you had a chance to check it out. Yet again the Aussies stand dad the best food and sauce. The ribs and brisket are to die for. Had some nice smokey ribs from Jacks as well. All others were forgetable..... sadly I ran out of stomach room with 2 stands left to try. Well worth the trip!